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Vote Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul?

Libertarian party VP Judge Jim Gray made a brilliant point about getting to the 5% threshold in this video.

I think DP'ers might want to take a look.


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Voting GJ. Its more

Voting GJ. Its more productive than a write-in for RP because enough votes for GJ could actually help the Libertarian party break the duopoly.

voting for Ron Paul!

voting for Ron Paul!

Don't forget about matching

Don't forget about matching funds. Those are a big deal for a smaller party.

A vote for Gary Johnson is like a Vote for Ron Paul & vise versa

(in this way). Perhaps the biggest impact we will have is when election results show the percentage of people that that didn't vote Romney or Obama.

Im voting

for Gary Johnson!

is that because

You like turtles?
A man who's own house is out of order ($400,000.00 campaign debt) deserves the vote of turtleheads.

Constitution Party (Re-Re-Re Post)

I just got my ballot in the mail here in Oregon , and when I looked at it I was in disbelief. The Constitution Party candidate for President on the Oregon Ballot is Will Christensen! I researched and found the Constitution Party of Oregon nominated Mr. Christensen instead of Virgil Goode. Now I am not a political guru, but to me that says the Constitution Party has a lot of work in order to get themselves on the same page. I mean without solidarity nationally, they will not be a good vehicle for the Liberty Movement. If they cannot all agree on who the nominee will be on a national scale, they will never have what it takes to win. At least the Libertarian Party has solidarity. Gary Johnson is their choice this election and all state parties have agreed. If we do not find a way of banding together, the Liberty Movement will splinter for sure. This is Politics and it is never set in stone on issues. Ron Paul was the best choice, but he is not in the running now, so we need to suck it up and find a way to solidify the movement, because it is not you or I that will suffer, but the movement itself. Ron Paul is not out of the movement, but he is out of the race at this time. He is still going around doing what he does best, waking people to the destruction of our Constitution. I still stand behind Ron Paul as the Father of the R3VOLution, but I will vote for Gary Johnson on this ballot because I believe that he is the best choice for our movement at this time. This has never been about one person, it is about all of us and saving the Republic, and we need to find some type of common ground and stop the in fighting. Suck it up people.

So What?

Donate to his campaign and help him. The Republican Party has cost Gary Johnson's campaign a lot of needless expense by challenging him in all the states. They do this to cost the candidate his money in hopes that they give up. Well Liberty is something we cannot give up on, so if you can, donate to help the Libertarian Party. Let us get solidarity in a vehicle that we can use in the future.

I'm back to voting for Ron Paul (Write-In) because in WA...

"Write-in votes will tally for individual candidates only when the total number of write-in votes cast in a race may change the outcome of the election."

That was directly from the Secretary of State's rules on elections.

So if this state is very close they will be forced to see Dr. Paul's name on my ballot.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

That's not what I get from that line.

What I get is Ron Paul votes will not be differentiated from votes for Mickey Mouse by the state of Washington. They will be reported simply as "write-in votes" in one lump unless there are more write-in votes than what the leading candidate gets. That's not going to happen and no one will know you voted for except you and the few people you tell it to.

Anonymous Libertarians

At the last minute . . . HOPE!

Fortunately there is a new website where donations will get Gary Johnson on TV:


Please be sure you get the ORG part!

5% threshold... Like Ron Paul's 5 states?

What's to say that the establishment wouldn't bump the threshold higher if Gary Johnson met the original threshold? I'm really beginning to think Libertarians are delusional insofar that they believe that they can change the establishment by playing by the establishment's rules.

I agree with your first thought but

not with the part about them being delusional. Didn't we try to join the party and play by their rules? We just weren't able to combat the level of evil involved.

Vote for NDAA

or vote against it.

That's your choice.

Where YOU yourself are concerned... nothing else matters because when you get sniped out due to your political dissent your vote won't count anyway.

Please get over the Presidential election

There are more important elections going on locally that we actually have a say over.

There is very little if any good that can still be done as far as the presidential race is concerned this election. If you think there is, fine, go for it, do your thing, but please stop the grandstanding, berating, shaming, holier than thou threads that only prove divisive over an issue that we have very little if any control over now. I'm not necessarily saying this thread is one of those, but generally nearly all presidential threads turn into this kind of thread in the comment sections. It's frankly embarrassing and counter productive that this is happening on the DP. We're know better than that. Face it we lost, we we're cheated, it's sad but true and voting for anyone but the big two at this point is merely a symbolic gesture. I'm all for everyone choosing to do what they think is best but fighting over who's symbolic gesture is better seems a waste of time to me. Get over it. Make your gesture. Prepare for next time. Make sure they don't get away with what they did again. Increase our numbers and most importantly GET LOCAL!A liberty president if we ever get one will need help in congress and from local representatives.

Little difference can be made now in the presidential election, but a HUGE difference can be made in the local arena. Do you know who is running in your area? In your state? Please do not be distracted or divided. Know your candidates. Promote your candidates. If you feel like berating someone elses choice for president, stop, turn off the computer, go to the nearest busy intersection and wave a sign for your local candidate. Do anything but participate in the division taking place. From here until nov. 6 I would like to see nothing but local, state and congressional threads promoting new liberty candidates. If you do this, thank you!

Not true, getting 5% for the Libertarian Party is important

Not only will it send a message against the establishment duopoly, but it will permanently establish an alternative party.

If you don't believe in presidential topics, what are you doing participating in one? Just telling others not to? That's pretty hypocritical.

Paid GJ infiltrator


I don't play, I commission the league.

I'm only asking

Do what you want.


Why bother? It doesn't count no matter how you slice it.

I want my vote to count against obama. That's my main goal.

Keepin' it real.


Will bomb Iran first day in office. A vote for Romney is a vote for WWIII. This scare tactic of voting for Romney because Obama is so damn scary is going to literally bury us.

I hate to actually defend the guy here but AT LEAST I can say Obama isn't down with Israel(the tail) wagging America (the dog).

Vote for someone - not against someone. If you're voting against someone you're doing EXACTLY what you have been programmed to do.

REVOLT against your programming.

Voted Paul in Republican Primary

Voting Gary Johnson in November.

There's Voter Fraud and There's Polling Fraud.....

For all those that write-in Ron Paul's name, do not be shocked to read articles after the election that they were counted as Romney votes. It happens and believe me after seeing the GOP establishment's atrocious delegate rip-off process, an attempt will be made to count any Republican write-in toward the Republican nominee, Romney.

I'm sure Green party write-ins will go toward Obama.

I want to write-in Ron Paul's name but I know there will be no count published of Ron Paul write-in votes. It doesn't matter if he gets 10% of the vote, you'll never hear about. It will be like you never voted. The two-party monopoly won't care and they will not recognize it. They'll ignore Ron Paul write-ins as they ignored Ron Paul while he was running or they'll go to Romney.


I agree with you and have been saying this very thing in many other stories. Read my post above.

They Are Both Good Choices!

I live in Maryland, and was originally going to write-in Ron Paul, but I discovered that my vote for him (or any write-in) won't be counted. Therefore, I'm going to vote for Gary Johnson, who isn't Ron Paul, but he's pretty solid overall. And, Gary Johnson is actually on the ballot in my state, so my vote for him will count.

My advice is to vote for which person you champion, but also consider if your candidate is actually on the ballot in your state.

Joe in MD


My heart said to write-in Ron Paul - But my head said...

...help the only other party to be on the ballot in every state (I think - it's possible the Libertarians are not on Oklahoma's ballot yet).

So I'm voting for Gary Johnson.

And remember, Dr. Paul called him a wonderful candidate who everyone should look at.

That means a lot.

In my state (WA), a Ron Paul write-in will not be counted anyway.

And I want my voice HEARD!

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

My sentiments exactly.

Plus I already voted for Ron Paul in the primaries (where it counted), and have a photo as a souvenir, so voting for him out of emotion isn't a factor.

I also appreciate that Judge Napolitano (I respect him) expressed that Governor Johnson was the clear choice, and that Governor Johnson is the only presidential candidate that Ron Paul has invited to share a stage with him. Plus, just objectively look at Governor Johnson's record! The most vetoes ever - that sounds just like someone else I know and greatly respect...


I agree, let's objectively look at Gary's record.


I don't play, I commission the league.

Downvoting the negative aspects of GJ as governor...

hardly lends itself to an objective discussion. Oh wait, paid shills don't really want objectivity. My bad.

I don't play, I commission the league.