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Should Ron Paul Moderate The Presidential Debates?

Should Ron Paul Moderate The Presidential Debates?

All political party candidates would be included ...Yes, even Rosanne Barr..

Now that would be interesting!

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Ron Paul moderating those two idiots last night...

A dream come true!

NO WAY!!!!!!!

because he talks about real issues,, and in depth,,,,,,,,,, so most watching would have no clue what he's talking about

blowback--what's that
inflation,,,what like a basketball or something

higher prices--- or is it the fact the dollar is less,,,WHAT????
brenton woods--- is that a national forest???
sarbanes oxley --- is that that poet guy???

free will,,,,,,,,,, what he's in jail,,,,,, no no,,, i already had a lawyer do one for me

it would confuse and bore the avg. voter even though it would be all issues affecting daily life

plus dr paul can only ask questions,,,, not slap em with knowledge and a lesson on common sense

Yes, but it would never happen

1st he wouldn't let them flounder around the question asked

2nd he would ask questions they aren't smart enough to answer

3rd If he could control the conversation it would be obvious to everyone that he belongs on stage and that he has no peers.