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For Dispute Auctions : the Wikipedia pages of the Obama and Romney Endorsements

When I see some names ... I am SO GLAD that Ron Paul didn't even bother giving a millisecond thought of endorsing either of them, not even informally and in any way :

The 2012 Obomney Endorsements



COKE / RED PILL (V2, upgraded) :


Post title explained (containing pun intended) :

as we all know, even if never of any "authoritative" nor "formal" reference quality, a nice feature of Wikipedia's user-generated content is at least the system of disputes (re: the page editing process)... I am very curious to see if any of those will appear down the road at either link and/or from either side (candidates vs. editors).

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With this post of shame

With this post of shame (for America's intelligence) I prefer to keep Ron Paul separate and provide from the same source a short (much incomplete, likely) list of his known "celebrities" endorsements, in this comment aside :


... that is :

some examples of the good folks who still have a heart AND a brain standing for this country.


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