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The Legacy of Dr. Ron Paul

We had a chance this election cycle that we may never have again. We had a chance to elect an honest president. A living paradox. A man with character, who takes his oath to uphold the constitution seriously. A man who can be trusted to do exactly what he says. Truly a pearl among swine. If any man deserved to win the GOP's nomination, it was him. A statesman among politicians, he is a man who understands economics; he predicted the recession and the collapse of the housing market. He has fought relentlessly to protect the liberty that the founding fathers entrusted to us. His actions always match his words, and his words haven't changed for the entire 30 year span of his career. He understands the proper role of government in the economic and social realms. He understands that giving up liberty under the false pretense of "safety" never works, and is just an excuse to broaden the scope of government control of our lives. He understands that legislating morality does not automatically create a moral society. He is the only candidate with a sensible foreign policy, who understands that it is not our position to be the policemen of the world. He is the only candidate who realizes that you do not spread freedom through force, but by example. He is the only candidate willing to admit that the war against drugs has been a miserable failure. He is also the only candidate willing to discuss REAL spending cuts that this country needs in order to actually balance the budget. He is the only candidate who not only supports our 2nd amendment rights, but understands WHY they were put in place. He could very well be the last great statesman of our lives.

His name is Ron Paul, and his legacy has created a movement to restore liberty in America. Ron Paul has sparked a fire among the grassroots that will not stop until it storms across Washington, D.C. The war for liberty is not over, and the dream of our founding fathers is not dead! Liberty is very much alive, and as long as I have breath in my lungs, there will still be a voice for freedom. The time for liberty has come, and as Ron Paul put it, "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government."

After the election is over, when the country goes back to sleep, I will be very much awake. I will be working actively to spread the message of freedom and liberty to every person that I encounter. I will be a part of those calling up a force to rise up and take this country back. I will be patiently waiting for every opportunity to win victories for liberty. If there is anything I learned this election cycle, it is that the liberty movement must continue. The future of this nation depends on us. We must not fall asleep again when the election is over. We must be wary, and ready at a moments notice to fight the battle to win hearts and minds. We must carry the torch that Ron Paul passes on, and we must not let him down. We will start locally and slowly take over the entire political structure of the country, if we must. One thing is for sure. We are not a mistake; we are here to stay, and we WILL be victorious.

"Let it not be said that we did nothing" - Ron Paul


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Ron Paul's Message Is Very Simple !

Use the U.S. Constitution as a guide line in ALL political decisions !
Why don't the majority of Americans understand this simple point.

My answer is; Americans are being subverted at an early age, from government financed schools, from mainstream media, and from slick double talkers that wear ties and nice clothes.


Ron Paul has sparked a Revolution in Liberty minded thinking, that will NOT DIE !

Thank you jglisson, and Thank You Ron Paul, may your memory live forever !


The greatest American freedom

The greatest American freedom fighter since Martin Luther King Jr and libertarian/constitutionalist since Jefferson.

Ventura 2012

jglisson 2016!


Thank You For Writing

about the legacy we have to keep alive in such a warm way, plus adding your personal commitment.

We all know, that to Dr. Paul, it is all about the message and it is. He is just a man and a very humble one. Many say, "there will never be another Dr. Ron Paul"...stop looking for the *next* Ron Paul.

I, for one, think there will be many. Some may flounder initially as they find their footing. However, I acknowledge the messenger as well as the message in saying that there are few walks in life with such a beacon of light...a role model.

Who would ever think that in politics we would have one? Well we do and many of us are grateful for that raised bar by which we measure others. Does not mean that we discard anyone who does not measure up to that high standard...it only means that we now have something to shoot for and know that it is possible because one man did it. Others can and will.

Dr. Paul might be embarrassed by some of us adding "role model" to his legacy. I make no apologies for doing so.


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About Ron Paul: "Truly a pearl among swine."

Now this made my day, a pure unadulterated story about Ron Paul. I really like the fact that you did not mention even one of those miserable swine in your story. Thanks!

Thank you for the beautiful

and truthful words about Dr. Ron Paul.

To me the Good Doctor is the most magnificent man on the Planet.

If it was my thread I would capitalize "Legacy" and add "Dr." Ron Paul.

May I share your words?

Ron Paul is My President

Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words! You may certainly share this as you wish. And I like your suggestion about the title.

"No physical quantity explains it's own existence, and no amount of time can consume an infinite series of events to bring you to the present, which means all of these somewhere have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical."



Took the words right out of my mouth from 4 years ago...

And you my friend...are a TRUE patriot leader.
I never quit campaigning for Ron Paul and for liberty since 2008. And I will never quit. We ARE the fire that Ron Paul has set. And we must never let go of our liberty for any reason, or our fight to keep it.
I watched the hijacking of the TEA party movement and the use of anger towards government (not just democrats) get twisted and abused to rebuild the all but dead republican party, then twisted to remove the original Ron Paul liberty message and replace it with an anti Obama anti democrat message to do what they could to rebuild their dead party. They then proceeded to run the biggest scam on the membership they managed to con to direct attention away from Ron Paul and the real liberty message just to support more neo-con'ish and establishment criminal candidates. And then they set out to stop Ron Paul from gaining the nomination...again.
It was a disgusting thing to witness.
So many foolish wanna-be patriots were taken in by the endless lies, as they always have been for decades. So...now look where we are.
Right back to the same old choice between the lesser criminal as always...again.
Well I am not buying it...again.


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Thank you for this warm post.

Thank you for this warm post.

Yes, that's sure HIS.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


For tomorrow.