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"The Lesser Of Two Evils" - American History 101

Ideally we should have no political parties as desired by George Washington and John Adams. Unfortunately, the 2 party power struggle has been waging since the election of 1800, when intrigue and faction on behalf of several people, including Jefferson, Hamilton, Burr, etc drove Mr. Adams out of office. When it was all said and done Thomas Jefferson had tied Aaron Burn with 73 electoral votes. Alexander Hamilton had this to say about the beloved Jefferson:

"Mr. Jefferson, though too revolutionary in his notions, is yet a lover of liberty and will be desirous of something like orderly government. Mr. Burr loves nothing but himself, thinks of nothing but his own aggrandizement... In the choice of evils, let them (the Federalists in Congress) take the least. Jefferson is in my view less dangerous than Burr".

Say what you will about Hamilton but he was no slouch and looked at Thomas Jefferson as the lesser of two evils. So next time you hear or invoke the "lesser of two evils" topic now you will have some interesting historical context since Jefferson is beloved among liberty minded patriots, and rightly so.

The debate we are having in 2012 has been going on since 1800 and it is a product of human nature.

Thank you all for the interesting debate.

All credit to my friend Brian H. for this historical research and his sacrifice, diligence and hard work getting Liberty candidates elected in our state, county and federal government. Thanks to people like him and those he motivates, we are winning.

Exercise Liberty.

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For more on the religious faction and political parties.

See Murray Rothbard.

The government Leviathan can be traced back to Calvin and Hobbs. Government was needed to control man because God was not up to the job.

Free includes debt-free!