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How will Americans react if Gary Johnson attains 10% of the vote or more?

Let's fast forward to the night of November 6th, at 8:30pm. Election results are coming in on all of the major media outlets. Obama is getting roughly 45% of the popular vote, Romney has 43%, and some guy no one has ever heard of, who was excluded from the debates, the Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, has 11%. What will people think? How will this be spun? Could the 11% guy who no one knows become the story? Could a light bulb go off in millions of people's minds saying, "hmm, I wonder why I didn't get to hear what he had to offer?".

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If Johnson...

...got 10 percent (that is, assuming), I think it would be the same scenario as it was with Perot, i.e.:

If Romney loses, Romney voters would blame Johnson voters for Romney's loss. And like Perot, who actually got 19 percent of the vote, Johnson would also end up as a small, forgotten footnote in history, if that.

But I don't think Johnson will get 10 percent. I think it's the Constitution Party candidate that's more likely to pick up more votes than ever in that party's history because there are a lot of pro-life conservatives who normally vote Republican but won't be voting for Romney for the sole reason he's Mormon.

The Media...

The media will not include Gary Johnson's name anywhere no matter what % he gets. They are bought. Only we, the people, can spread the words that matter.

I disagree

..if he gets more than a couple percentage points, they'll have to give him a little attention. If, for example, Obama got 47% and Romney got 46%, people can still do basic math and will be wondering about the remaining 7%. But if Gary's total comes in within the usual "other" of 1-2%, then they probably will ignore him.

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You are right, some people will wonder

But Gary Johnson doesn't fit into their agenda. Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but I don't think they will give him his due credit. I hope they do though.

This is like asking; How will

This is like asking; How will Americans react if the sun rises in the north and sets in the south? Its so unlikely that it isn't worth asking about. Johnson will get less than 3% (I'm being generous).

RP1992 might be a similar case...

...and you thought I meant Ron Paul 1992? Sorry, I meant Ross Perot. You know, when he got ~19% of the popular vote? Cause we are still talking about hi... o wait.

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Perot was on the debate stage

Perot was on the debate stage in 1992, Gary Johnson isn't. That's a big difference. And Ross Perot's 19% is discussed somewhat every election cycle.

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If Romney loses, the GOP establishment will have a huge coniption fit and try to scapegoat the Liberty movement for their failures. If Romney wins, the GOP establishment will downplay the role of the Liberty movement and just try to ignore it.

If Gary gets a certain percentage, I'm worried that some will interpet this as a green light to ignore the importance of supporting candidates who are more like Dr. Paul on both Life and Liberty, which is what attracted some of us to him in the first place. I hope this isn't the case, since that would splinter the movement going forward.

GJ's position isn't that different than RP's.

I really don't understand why people get so upset with GJ's position on abortion. Even Dr. Paul acknowledges that this is a moral issue that won't be fixed by law, but rather by the "morality of our society". They really aren't as far apart as some people say.

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Quite happy

I'll be happy knowing there is a credible alternate party I can get behind in 2016, should the GOP prove themselves to be hopelessly neocon.

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Americans will react by..

Americans will react by catching up on Dancing with The Stars and/or Idol

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He won't

Even if he did, it's all rigged anyway. The Johnson supporters seem to forget about the election fraud committed in the GOP primaries.

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That is not likely to happen, given the lack of inclusion in the

MSM debates,the media spin and the division among Ron Paul supporters. However, what could still happen is for neither Romney nor Obama to fail to capture 270 electoral votes (say, if Johnson won New Mexico) and the election be thrown into the House.

One of the reasons you are seeing so many reports of both black and white racism is to sucker Southern red state voters into voting for Romney. Given what I am hearing down here, it is working.

the majority of americans

get their news from the msm. If GJ gets 10% or so...it will not be reported in the msm at all.

LP major party status if it gets 5% = $90M funding

LP would become the official opposition with GJ as the leader.
MSM would no longer be able to marginalize the Liberty Movement and its message.

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The future you describe...

...is already here. The Libertarian Party IS the Opposition. But yes, with in excess of $90M the Party would suddenly have many new friends.

I'll smile and drink a beer.

I'll smile and drink a beer.

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Yawn. Who?


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