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I'd Like to Share a Story...

This is one which most of you already know like the back of your hand, but I was thinking about it recently and decided I wanted to practice telling it in my own way.

A Story Of Federal Spending

This started from a Facebook Friend's post with a chart of Spending vs Revenue, intended to show how bad Obama has been. But I felt that they were completely missing the point, that it wasn't specifically about Obama. I tried to think of all the details that were missing: relation to population growth, inflation, any data before 1900, etc. I decided to make my own chart so that I could account for these various factors. Then for each "spike" I looked at the war history of the United States. Finally, I added in some peace-time trendlines, and my version of the story had come together. Each time the war drums beat, spending and taxation increase, government grows... but after the wars things never return to normal. Exactly what I have learned along the way in my journey becoming part of the Liberty movement.

The Obama Era hardly registers except as a continuation of the larger trend. I can't wait for the next conversation with that friend.