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Third Party tea party?

I think one of the flaws with Ron Paul's run to the white house was that we tryed to fight the system from within. The tea party was suppose to be an anti party limited government movement. We let the GOP establishment take over the movement. I think we should start a tea party resurgence and make it dedicated to only voting third party. Same message limited government and more freedom, but with a vow to only vote third party. If we can establish and keep organization for the next 4 years then and only then do we have a chance of changing our politcal landscape. Lets not let Ron Paul's message die just because there is not another Ron Paul on the ballot.

4 or 5 states have more independent voters then either party and if we do not give them options then we have wasted the fight. So lets keep our organization and keep fighting or loose everything again. Just like the independents did with Perot.

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Another third party to be ignored.

The problem is not a lack of parties or liberty candidates. The problem is getting their messages main stream.
Instead of starting a new party perhaps we should work on fair elections for the parties we already have. We need third party candidates in the debates or they will never be considered viable candidates.
I believe if a candidate is on a sufficient number of state ballots making it mathematical possibility for winning the election, they get to debate. The Commission on Presidential Debates is the problem.

I was at the first ones

I went to several local tea party events before I saw the platform change from limited government to a GOP think tank. I enjoy the GOP's talking points on limited government and the constitution but at the end of the day they are only rhetoric. So I guess my question is why try and reform something that doesn't want reformed when we could do what we say. Just promote simple truths. We demand a budget balanced(who cares what we cut). We don't take money from lobbyiest. We can not be bought and sold and we always follow and strengthen the constitution.

I think the whole tea party

theme has been used up. let's try something new.

How many local GOP meetings have you been to?

My guess is that you've been to none.

There was nothing wrong with the GOP strategy.

What was wrong was the official campaign. Jesse Ventura is appearing all over the country for Gary Johnson and would have done so for Ron Paul if he had been asked. I sure the same is true of Judge Andrew Napolitano, Michael Scheuer and Colonel Douglas MacGregor. Instead, the campaign allowed itself to get bogged down on non-issues such as the "racist newsletters" and never went on the offense on foreign policy. Dr. Paul could have used his connections with the third party to ensure his position on the ballot in all 50 states. We were played by the official campaign, simple as that.