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Agent provocateur arrested in false flag attempt to blow up New York Federal Reserve


From WABC-TV, New York: An FBI sting allegedly nets a man planning to detonate a 1000 pound bomb outside the Federal Reserve in New York. The suspect in the connection to the federal terrorism sting targeting the Federal Reserve in Lower Manhattan, was detected and then monitored as part of a joint federal NYPD operation. The suspect has been identified as 21-year-old Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis. He was arrested this morning in downtown Manhattan after he allegedly attempted to detonate what he believed to be a 1,000-pound bomb at the New York Federal Reserve Bank on Liberty Street in lower Manhattan's financial district.


Shepard Smith on Fox News...Did the FBI HELP CREATE THIS...or did they help to stop this?

Politico article:

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We can make it clear

The FBI chose the target. This kid doesn't know what the Fed is.

It's an easy sell even to statists. It doesn't require them to completely challenge their paradigm. They can accept it without having their conditioning pinged.

Tell your family and friends: The FBI chose the target.

We can win this one.

Defend Liberty!

Right on the money...

Will do!

What would the Founders do?

Its a good thing he failed or.....

people might actually find out there is no gold there at all.

it's funny how the uninformed

it's funny how the uninformed will be so relieved big gov't protected them,,, those evil terrorists

when i see this for what it is,scam!!!,,, and another way gov't can justify loss of liberty and huge domestic security budgets
and the sheeple won't blink an eye as they cry they need more resources and better tech,, more surveilance,, more wiretaps,,, snitch lines,, x-ray trucks,,, street legal "tanks",, and gung-ho swat teams and on and on

The propaganda starts

I heard someone on radio (I think it was a Fox nitwit) already saying how this proves Obama has been wrong on terrorism and he did not defeat them, how we must ramp up the 'war', how we need to elect the Romulan to protect us, etc.etc.etc.zzzzzzzzzzz

more entrapment

i heard this on the radio,,,, and they praised giving a fake bomb,,,, totally missing the egging on of going forth and how they achieve these busts

on another note,,,,,,,,, thank god it wasn't a liberty person,,,, or ajones type listner,,,,,,, i so hoped it wouldn't be as they just said "someone" tried to,,,, not who they were,, background

all i could think is, if one lone nut did this it will discredit and ruin anyone ever questioning the fed,,,,,, media would run wild with the "conspiracy nut" label no matter how legitimate the ideas about the fed are,,, ron paul would be done for good,,,,,
i always watch what i say and how i say it as i want to represent our community with respect and integrity,,, and not allow anyone the option to attack with all the tricks they use
i'll leave out good conjecture for pure proven fact so people can't throw those labels around

And they will continue

to say "someone" to give the impression it was RP people. Dirty terrorist are the reason Obama is still in office, I can hear the war drums from here.

You just got PAULED!

The FBI certainly chose

the target. It's killing two birds with one stone to them.

Even for people who think this kid would have attacked something eventually without the FBI's carefully developed program of manipulating lonely, despondent, mentally challenged children, they should at least be able to accept that the FBI chose the target.

Defend Liberty!

There is no shortage of useful idiots

to do the bidding of the Powers That Be. This smells from the word go.

Needs a better headline

"FBI patsy arrested in false flag attempt to blow up the New York Fraudulent Reserve" there you go.

BTW one day the ruling oligarchy will have to use a much bigger bomb on this building to conceal the fact that the vaults are empty except for maybe a few "Rubin Sandwiches" aka gold wrapped tungsten.

In the meantime the federal reserve police will probably be hiring.

How about....

FBI uses Die Hard with A Vengeance Plot for Entrapment

FBI Handbook: Justifying huge budgets and illegal activity.

1. Find a crazy person.
2. Give him the idea that he can indeed carry out an attack.
3. Give him the support he needs to 'assemble' prep for an attack.
4. Arrest him.
5. Let everyone know how good of a job you're doing at keeping the bad guys from hurting americans. Also insist you could have never thwarted the attack without all of the new spying powers you've been granted.

You forgot one

6. Implement new security procedure for TSA to be more invasive and set up check points at banks.

7. Profit.

7. Profit.

Defend Liberty!

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8. abusive TSA strip-search

8. abusive TSA strip-search (for their regular fun)

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Jesus you guys sound like the seagulls in Finding Nemo..."False flag! False flag! False flag!" I'm not saying its not, but where's the PROOF. You know...facts to substantiate your claim.

Getting sick of this shit. Downvote me, I don't care.

How about the fact that the FBI gave him the "explosive"?

How many of these stories have we seen in the last few years? The FBI finds someone and talks them into doing something. The FBI then gives them all the supplies needed to do whatever it is that they were talked into doing. Only then does the FBI arrest the rube/patsy and then the FBI pats themselves on the back for thwarting a terrorist plot.

Don't you think the FBI bears some responsibility for this act when they were part of the plot? I thought a false flag was an attack carried out by our own government. In this case, even CNN is saying the FBI gave the guy the supplies that he used to do the "attack".

The idiot bears some responsibility since he actually wanted to blow up innocent people on the street. However, it seems obvious to me that he wouldn't have been able to do what he wanted to do without the FBI's help.

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So what you're saying is the

So what you're saying is the FBI should just arrest someone on the suspicion that the they MIGHT commit a crime? Very minority report of you. You need to establish that they were attempting to commit a crime. When a husband or wife hires a hitman to murder their significant other, the the police set it up in a controlled environment and give them every reason to change their mind for legal reasons.

Would you rather this man have gone to willing participants instead of the FBI? I'm tired of you people. I thought this was a forum for promoting peace, sound money, and Dr. Ron Paul...not ATS-lite. Every time someone trips and stubs their toe, people are quick to point out a supposed government connection. I do believe the government has a lot to answer for but I believe in using logic and reason to substantiate my beliefs. Peace, I'm out for good.

You mean like this...

From RT?


For The Power of The Republic!

Our word vs the organization

Our word vs the organization that has continually lied before.

Southern Agrarian

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let me see if i've got this right...

the federal reserve is destroying America by destroying the dollar

so now, this guy, presumably a muslim according to his name, wants to destroy America also so he is going to destroy the building that is destroying America?

he will destroy America by destroying the building that is already destroying America?

i am a little confused, thank god the kgb, i mean fbi is on the job!

is this guy trying to save America or destroy America?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

The FBI has to keep...

The FBI has to keep creating pseudo terrorist for several reasons

1. They are easier to locate and arrest than real ones.

2. It gives the illusion that they are doing something in "the war on terror".

3. It justifies their bloated budget so everybody keeps their job.

4. It sure beats sitting around twiddling their thumbs.


How to foil your own terror plot

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6LGZtjpdJg (warning: strong language)


The FBI successfully thwarts its own Terrorist plot
November 2010

Washington DC: FBI Foils Own Terror Plot (Again)
February 2012

Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.
April 2012

thanks for the links :)

thanks for the links :)

Southern Agrarian

Very plausible.

If I were a young 21 year old Bangladeshi, living in a Country with a median yearly salary of $641, I would save my money, spend my spare time understanding all about the US and the fed system, then become applicant for the nearly impossibly obtained US VISAs available to foreigners, buy a airline ticket to NYC, hook up with some Narcs, and instead of working plan an attack in Manhattan with the remaining $5000 of my savings.

No big deal.

I posted this by the way

Thanks for the comments and votes. But to the heart of the matter, this is an attempt to discredit Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Gary Johnson and End The Fed supporters as well as the Tea Party and Patriot movements like Oathkeepers. But don't expect the corporate media lemmings to report on it that way. It wouldn't be nice to screw the Pentagon. PROOF OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD IS STILL ALIVE!

For The Power of The Republic!

Give them credit...

They are GOOD at what they do!

I mean think about it. Islamic terrorist attacks the Fed. Soon, "End the Fed"will be inextricably linked to Al Qaeda in the space between the ears of John Q. Public where a brian should have been. The Fed is now the red, white, and blue in the war on terror.

Does anyone really think that, given a choice targetsof in the US, radical muslims would choose the NY Fed? I would highly doubt that they even know what the Fed is. Very nice work by the powers that be.

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This is actually frightening.

This is actually frightening. In one fell swoop they've propped up the Military Industrial Complex, Police State, and State Central bank with a staged event.

Southern Agrarian