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Thoughts on copper bullion

What is the DP opinion of copper bullion?
It will be nice to have a smaller divisible unit of currency in the future but the ratio of price per oz to spot is ridiculous.

$3.79/lb for (avg lowest 1 oz) $1.29 oz round.
$3.79/16 = 0.23

So I'm paying a large premium when I buy a copper round with Paul's face on it or a Gadsden snake etc.


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buy it in finished form

You will likely USE copper coils, wire, maybe pots and such. When you buy these things already finished, you usually pay almost nothing for the labor, yet if you have to try to make your bullion into a wire, you're going to have some work on your hands. A little for trade is a good idea, but you don't really want to "stack" copper - if you do, stack pennies, pre-1982. They are already a recognized medium of exchange.

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It's okay, will most likely

It's okay, will most likely always be worth something as it is a PM (Precious metal) I wouldn't buy a ton of it, but if you got FRN's to burn, some is okay. Watch your pennies too, pre 82' is mostly copper, i forget the % but someone here will know.

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95% copper in pre 1982

pennies. So says that website posted here.


http://coinflation.com/ Yeah

Yeah this was the website that made me ask.

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