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The Status Quo dreams about the Liberty Movement becoming a laughing stock of American politics

In my opinion the Liberty Movement is facing a mortal danger.

When I was growing up I saw a film in which an elder native leader held an arrow easily breaking it -- then took couple of dozen arrows put them all together in his hands and showed his people that when together these arrows can't be broken.

The Status Quo dreams about the Liberty Movement becoming a laughing stock of the American politics.
Imagine the talking heads on the CNN and all the Glenn Becks of this world saying: "this election proved that libertarians are a small divided fringe".

I think that we must unite behind Gary Johnson and get Johnson/Gray ticket the 5% it needs to establish the LP as the major party therefore allowing for it to obtain the 90 million dollars in campaign funds for 2016.

Nightmare scenario is this:
Gary Johnson 3.5%
Ron Paul write-in 1.5%
VG 0.5%

Let's have a healthy exchange of opinions.
I respect every choice people make... just want to hear some feedback before I spend another sleepless night.

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Zero feedback

Hey write-in and VG folks I want to hear from you.
Can you justify your choices?

Give it to me!

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