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CBS Local 6 News Orlando

The 11PM CBS news station channel 6 just showed polls for Florida election and said the top 4 slots are almost tied with only 3% difference between each candidate.

Then they showed "all candidates" and guess who they left out? Yep, Ron Paul. Their website is:


Phone Number: WKMG news desk at 407-521-1323
(I just called and got through and told them they left Ron Paul off their list. I stated figures list below and he said, " Oh, good point we will change it right away. He needs to be on the list." Keep a weather eye on them.

Remind them politely:
Almost 30,000 proud Americans already have cast their ballots for Ron Paul in both Iowa and New Hampshire:

1. Romney 103,755 30%
2. McCain 102,361 29%
3. Huckabee 66,876 19%
4. Paul 29,648 9%
5. Giuliani 24,151 7%
6. Thompson 18,712 5%

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