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If you live and vote in Galveston County Texas, pls consider democrat J.W Pruitt for Sheriff

I am a registered republican in Galveston County, Texas. I Have never voted for a democrat-let alone block walk and go to dem rallys. That changed when I found a "constitutionalist" among their ranks, a week ago.

John Pruitt is up against the corrupt republican est candidate Henry Trochesett for Galveston County Sheriff.(Rons district)

I have always said it is not about party, only about the constitution.
Republican Henry T does not follow Constitutional government and spending- his DEM opponent, John Pruitt does! John Pruitt is a constitutionalist and the Constitution is the topic of the day at every forum he holds.
He says he will defend this county from the feds, should they seek to steam roll while he has his seat. He knows the proper role of Sheriff and knows the vital role a sheriff would play should the fed get any ideas. He directly spoke on this topic many times, Ive heard him.
John Pruitt will put a stop, to the illegal foreclosures done by robo signing which is still going on here, I found out from him. When he comes across one on his desk, he will cross references it with a list of known robo signers and if the name signed at the bttm is referenced- he will throw IT OUT and not foreclose, and will place a hold on all activity with the address he hit on.
He has also said as sheriff, he has Constitutional authority to block the FED/HUD mandates placed on Galveston County for accepting FEMA money to rebuild Galveston section 8 housing and project communities, that were lost after hurricane IKE. He states this money was collected and passed out in an "unconstitutional" manner and he is the one who has the constitutional authority to stop the illegal mandates placed on the City of Galveston by FEMA and has pledged to do so. I was STUNNED when I heard a potential sheriff speak like this...
Galveston has lost half its population after hurricane IKE and FEMA wants not only the 716 public housing units lost to be replaced, but they are also mandating several thousand MORE over a period of 2-3 years.
This will crash the housing market and are doing it for cheap housing for the corporate tourism industry here so the corporations can make more money by not having to pay service employees a living wage to pay rent, because after FEMA gets done housing will be cheap, and plentiful, mean while Landlords across the island will have to lower their all ready low rents even further to compete with the HUD housing.
Not to mention the hundreds of homes that currently sit on the Galveston market that they can not rent. Not enough people.
Rents are as low as they can go. Any lower, landlords will lose their properties because the lower rents right NOW do not even cover the city taxes and will put them under water more then they all ready are.
I wrote this fast and hope everyone understands why I am supporting D- John Pruitt for Galveston County Sheriff.
Yes, it is true he may just be paying lip service to the constitution, but I dont think so. and his opponent, the republican doesnt even mention it. Henry skipped the Tea Party forum held this past Monday BUT Democrat John Pruitt was there. The Galveston AND Clear Lake Tea Parties support John Pruitt, NOT the republican Henry Trochesett.

Bye for now.
Thanks for reading.

John Pruitt for GC Sheriff 2012

I just came from a "friendly" forum between these two candidates held by the very "political" Galveston Daily News.
I was informed that the republican now running for sheriff against my chosen candidate used to be. wait for it.......
A DEMOCRAT until he FLIPPED to the Republicans to run for their parties nominee. Same thing the Republicans did to Dr. Paul!!!
They would have a dem jump ship and join them and Paul would beat them winning MORE of the vote and spent LESS money every time he ran a house race.

I also found out John Pruitt is a member of "Oath keepers"

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I added him to the Liberty

I added him to the Liberty Candidate list: http://www.dailypaul.com/242897/updated-list-of-liberty-cand... Please do your part and send this list to as many people as possible. Thanks.

sure will

I will pass this along to the Pruitt campaign mgr and she will put it on both websites. May take a few days, as we are swamped but will make sure its done. I will also fwd to my contacts.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

South East Texas has its fair

South East Texas has its fair share of corrupt Republicans so why not.
Candidate noted.

Southern Agrarian