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School Districts Now Confiscating Certain Snack Foods

If you’ve followed any of my writings about the government’s food policy in educational institutions, you know it’s a sore subject with me. But at least the government limited its intrusions into what children were or were not allowed to eat to the menu that school provided, or the snacks it stocked in its vending machines. Certain school districts in CA, NY and Illinois have now gone so far as to ban one specific snack: Spicy Cheetos, which will be CONFISCATED from children who bring them to school, according to one Pasadena district. From KTLA:

The principal of Andrew Jackson Elementary School in Pasadena said if students are caught bringing Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to school, the snacks will be confiscated.

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So schools can steal from your children now?

I'd start sending these chips with my kid everyday just so I can have a teacher arrested and send a message nationwide that stealing food I put in my child's lunch is not acceptable.


Enough said...

Whats next

The Halloween Police?

See if it was me as a kid...

Id swap the spicy cheetos and put them in a normal cheetos bag. I guarentee thats what the kids are gonna do, the fact he's targeting that snack specifically is going to make them want it more and be sneaky sneaky about it.

So let me see if I am understanding this correctly....

....the schools are confiscating the spicy hot cheetos and then taking them into the teacher's lounge and devouring them? Ahah!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

I can't believe people

still send their children off to these creeps.

The problem , as usual

The problem of course is that people are sending their kids off to these government brainwashing clinics in the first place . Keep your hands off the snacks yes ...but parents better start waking up and getting the governments hands off our kids minds!

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