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Romans hoarded Gold to protect themselves against Hyperinflation.

Gold Bugs get some reassurance from the past that hoarding precious metals is the only way to protect against the eroding effects of hyperinflation on wealth. The BBC is reporting a “nationally significant” hoard of Roman gold coins has been found by a metal detectorist in Hertfordshire, UK. Chances are, judging on the sporadic nature of his bury, this gold bug from the 4th century, was totally freaking out about currency devaluation and government taxation. It is likely that he didn’t have very many friends, as his monetary doom-talk probably turned his friends and family off, as they desired to believe – however falsely – the Roman Empire would last forever.

This gold bug from antiquity, whose stash was found on private land north of Saint Albans managed to acquire the largest know Roman gold coin accumulation in UK history. He must’ve been freaking out. Since he never recovered his gold, SV suspects that he was executed for his wild conspiracy theories by the praetorian class of the Roman Empire. Or, perhaps this is the stash of an individual who lived far away, who wished to get his stash far away from the Roman epicenter. An ancient “Get Your Gold Out of Dodge” attempt.

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