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Romney Not the "Great Businessman" We Are Told

Here's a great article by a guy who knows the private equity business. It's the first article I've seen with an analysis of Romney's track record.

He shows how Mitt Romney is NOT the "great businessman" we are told he is.

Turns out, Romney had a few great investments due to leverage -- and they boosted his overall returns -- but MOST of his investments at Bain Capital actually UNDERPERFORMED the overall stock market.

This has always been my position regarding Warren Buffett, too. Buffett made his money through LEVERAGE, and not great stock market genius. Same is true of Romney, so it seems.

But legends live on ... if only due to phony narratives.

This explains A LOT. It explains why Romney has no real political positions or philosophical understanding of anything.

As I have suspected ... Romney is just another empty suit.