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7 Cities on the verge of financial collapse

From 1 year ago the next potential bankruptcies...how are things shaping up in and for those cities and their inhabitants now?


ie. Honolulu lol

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Don't lose sleep over this.

With the fed's ability to print and transfer money at will, these iconic cities will hardly go under. In a real world they might, but not in the fairy tail world our government rests in.

alan laney

Urbanization itself is

Urbanization itself is unsustainable to begin with. Which I believe ultimately undermines the progressive belief that collectivization is supportable as well. Let them fail.

Southern Agrarian

lmao.. all bastions of the

lmao.. all bastions of the great liberal socialist thinking.. The only City out of them all that I am surprised about is San Diego. I love San Diego. but then again the liberals make them take care of all the illegals so it's no wonder why they are going down the tubes.

illegals or legals

Why does anyone get anything?