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Debate Game 3 Prediction

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Premise: The debate is being presented to the American people in a language they understand: As a playoff. I've already posted my prediction, and so far, so good.

Spectators emotions are reliably predictable for sports competitions. This is a similar competition. Last night, they looked like they were in Fight Club: Growling and snarling around at each other.

The powers that be have learned to control this flow of emotions. This is their biggest show yet. It is like the Hunger Games, only a verbal one. They just cap on each other, and at the end, one of them is for all intents and purposes dead. One is going on with the show, and one is going home. Just like Survivor.

So far, here is the score:

Game 1: Romney huge come from behind win in Game 1! A monster victory! The best debate in 55 years! (Pat Buchanan said that).

My second prediction has come true:

Game 2: Obama bounces back. He holds his ground. Managed at least a standoff.

The series is now tied at 1-1, setting up an exciting sudden-death final game. In this game, the format will go back to the same format as Game 1 - Romney's home field. BTW, a debate on FOREIGN POLICY:

This will be tricky because Romney wants to paint him weak, but he can always come back with "I killed Bin Laden," to which we all reply "BS!" but Romney will just look at him doe-eyed, with that half formed grin.

However, my prediction for Game 3 stands: Romney TROUNCES! BIG WIN! HUGE WIN.

The American people, sheep that they are, feel the direction of the wind, blowing them towards Romney. For some reason, they can neither help nor explain it. I've already felt the stirrings within myself. They are masters of playing the emotions.

We all saw the Alan Keyes video. We know he's right. Romney can accomplish certain things to advance The Agenda better than Obama can.

Obama served a great purpose. He disarmed a time bomb. The 'merican people were getting ready to blow with GWB as president. That dumbass. Obama's greatest advantage: He was the embodiment of the Democratic Agenda. He was a symbol of what is possible, thanks to Democrats. Racial equality. And if weren't him, it would have been another great symbol: Gender equality.

So Obama defused it right in front of everyone's eyes. Like a magician. Poof. The antiwar movement was gone, even though the Bush era policies remained. Only the face changed, and the words. The Deeds remained the same.

Americans are feeling another bomb. That bomb is dissatisfaction. That old malaise is back, Mr. Carter. High gas prices, high unemployment, low trust in government, in institutions, economic instability, the world on edge - from Greece to the Middle East to this hot fight for the Presidency.

"It is your fault, Mr. President. This is all your fault! Fix it! Fix it, Mr. President, or else!" The people say.

"I'll fix it," says Mr. Fixit. You don't worry about a thing. I know how to do this. I can fix it. I have done it before. Trust me.

And they will. Because it is in our genetic makeup to do so. We're just the Third Chimpanzee.

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Don't forget how Obama camp cheated Hillary

They played VERY dirty.

I wasn't aware of that

What happened?

The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.

saw* the alan keyes...

I woulda bet you money that Obama would dogwalk over Romney. Im beginning to agree that tptb may choose Romney. I still have no preference (on who would be worse).

Thanks for the typo catch


TPTB want war. War is good for business. Media business. Oil business. Machinery production. Etc.

How did we get out of the last depression? WAR! - That is the common wisdom, anyway.

I prefer Mitt because I'm tired of looking at Obama. But I'm already getting tired of Mitt and that half grin face of his.

The Diamond Dog is a real cool cat. | Reporting on the world from an altitude of 420.