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Attn: Ben Swann, What would you ask Dr. Paul?

What would you suggest Ben Swann ask Ron Paul? How would you ask Ron Paul about Peace, Rights, Morals, Money?

In this election cycle the only true ally in the media we have had is Ben Swann. The irony is the way he tackles the issues. Nobody can deny his logic..

If Ben Swann produces a piece interviewing Ron Paul before the election, it could be a viral video.

Why hasnt this happened yet?

Ben Swann can ask questions that are rock solid in logic and allow Dr. Paul to answer them uninterrupted. Cavuto is the closest we have, but still asks the doc loaded questions and wont allow a full explantion of a point of view.

Grassroots... loyalists.. ALL of you. What would you ask Ben Swann to ask Ron Paul? What advice do you have? How would you shape the debate? What is the most intelligent question you would propose?

If nothing else.. I would hope this thread could be proof of how the free market works. They aint doing this at Drudge or HuffPo.

My question: What is the best way you have displayed responsible leadership?

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I want a 1 hr special

I feel like if Ben and Ron got to talking Ron would really open up. A problem most of us have is that we've watched/listened to every Ron Paul interview over the last 5 years and we're not getting any new insight.

Funny How This Has Never Happened.....Yet

That's the thing about Destiny......Maybe he will interview Dr. Paul soon. Who knows? I suppose it's all being worked out in the winds.....