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The Good: Not the Lesser of Evils

Our founders understood that there would always be political debate, and understood open debating to be helpful to both the individual and the republic. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton knew that they would never agree about the National Bank issue, but they also respected each other's freedom to dissent. They dissented without fearing legal consequences because they both believed in the freedoms of the Constitution. When Hamilton criticized President Jefferson for his foreign policy in the Barbary Wars, Jefferson did not call Hamilton a traitor, or accuse him of emboldening our enemies. They engaged in rational debate, which was the nature of American politics in the constitutional environment, and from debate sprung acts and policies of government. The ultimate test for government policies and actions in those days was the Constitution.

That constitutional environment has disappeared over the years. There was a time when the most respected men in Washington were principled men who wanted to speak truth to power. Today, having a consistent, principled integrity leads a man away from the political arena, having discovered that in order to be elected, he must surrender his spirit to corporate interests and the party line. The love for political debate has left Washington. Critical thinking is a sign of weakness. If you admit to some past error, you're a flip-flopper. Checking the executive is unpatriotic. Today, the most respected men and women in Washington are the stubborn, irrational, emotional ones, who want to speak their feelings to power. A politician who doesn't properly fear the media, the terrorists, the partisan leaders and the corporate sponsors is declared unfit to serve. Facts don't matter; no politician changes an opinion when intelligence tells us something new. When read from beginning to present, the story of the U.S. government is a tragedy.

But there is hope still for good old-fashioned American freedom, and Ron Paul gives that hope a voice in a world of pundits and blowhards. True political debate is still cherished and uncensored on the Internet, and it is in this realm that Dr. Paul has become an American hero. He wants America to once again feel confident that its policy decisions are based on facts. He wants to understand the perspectives of his enemies as well as he understands his own. He thinks about his principles and not about his soundbytes. He is true to civic virtue--not his supporters. He wants to bring back the debate-loving, free-thinking, dissent-welcoming constitutional environment of liberty, and that is why his message resonates with those who love the Republic for which ours stars and stripes stand.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands--one nation, under GOD, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.

Carry the Constitution:
Let reason be opposed to reason, and argument to argument, and every good government will be safe.

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