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fishyculture's tribute to the Bush Family

I consider the RNC "tribute" to Ron Paul a moldy, crusty biscuit tossed to liberty lovers who were then then expected to wash it down with a tribute to the traitor who brought us "The Patriot Act." Now they wonder if I will be voting Republican. Maybe they can read between these lines and find their answer.

It is election time again. I recall an election not so long ago when the ever-intrepid media asked Americans this probing question:
"Which candidate would you most like to have a beer with?" And rather than demand the media probe the candidates about issues, America answered the question. Then, Americans elected their best "beer buddy" to become the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military on the planet. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
I just don't understand you people at all...
Hmmm..... or maybe I DO understand...

I want to have a beer with "The Great Decider" just in case he decides that he can fly.
I'd say "You're such a powerful man, George, I'm sure that you can, George. Why don't you give it a try?
But you might need a little time to get the knack, you'd better start from WAY up high."

I wouldn't go on the cheap, I'd get a nice strong microbrew.
Maybe his bubba-buddy Billy-Jeff Clinton could get him a line or two. Forgive me Lord, but for truth and justice, there isn't much that I won't do....
When the time was right, I'd look him in the eye and say "I'll f@%k your brains out if you prove

That I'm having a beer with such a great decider, he can just decide it, and he can FLY!
You're such a powerful man. George, I KNOW that you can George, go ahead and give it a try.
Have another toot of Bill's pixie dust, you'll be like Tinkerbelle, flying high!

I'd go to the rooftop with him, sort of watch over him from above.
The Lord and I know it would be a sin for me to give him a shove,
But a common gal beside such a great man ought to show him a little love...
And cleavage and thigh and bat my eyes and coo like a little dove....
"Oh, Georgie! It is SO amazin' the way you can just deciderate stuff!

Am I having a beer with such a great decider, he can just decide it, and he can fly? You're such a powerful man, George, I'm sure that you can, George, I'd sure like to see you try!

I just have a few questions while you're "flying" down, George. First off, I want to know WHY....

Did you just sit there on 9-11 and did not act one bit surprised?
Why did you hinder the investigation and refuse to testify?
Why was your Daddy at Dealy Plaza the day that JFK died?
Your grandpappy tried to overthrow our government. That's TREASON - why didn't he FRY?

Your family funded the Nazis and trained bin Laden, you wage war for profit, your hearts are all rotten....

Well, looks like he landed. Ewwww, do I have to go f.... Oh - nope! They are already out.

In the replies, feel free to thank me for NOT singing this.... lol!

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I wish to hear a song like this on MTV.

Thanks Fishy.

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