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The Truth about taxation

I am so very tired of the Republicans (except RP) saying the Democrats will raise taxes and the Republicans will cut/lower taxes. Send a clear message to your Republican and Democratic friends concerned about our country's unsustainable fiscal future. Ron Paul and his ideals are the only way to save our country and reduce taxation (infringement on freedom). A perfectly valid point you can make to true fiscal conservatives is that the rest of the republican field may say they will lower taxes but that is basically a bold-faced lie. Until government is reduced; you cannot truly lower taxes. Government is paid for by the people, that's why Ron Paul must win and save us from the tyranny of large government and excessive taxation. You can lower income taxes across the board but until we shrink the government (and the cost of) we still pay through higher prices on goods whether it be due to tariffs, corporate taxes, sales taxes, etc. The people pay for the government whether directly (IRS) or indirectly (higher cost of goods, inflation, low savings rate, etc.) NOW HEAR THIS: As long as our government continues to deficit-spend, we are not only paying too much tax now but are incurring a tax debt. The bills must eventually be paid! If we don't pay it, then the government is taxing our children and other future generations (Very very immoral). This is not freedom and it surely is not fiscal conservatism. It should be very readily apparent to any republican with even a slightly open mind that Ron Paul's platform is the best not only for our country but more importantly, for true freedom. Talk to people, point out the lie. We are being taxed to death by both parties. Thanks for your time.-AF
Go to this great site for a Jeffersonian pov on debt: http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/jefferson/quotations/jeff1340.htm

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