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Can I get everyone's objective opinion on this please? Thank you.

I'm going to write a letter to the editor for my local paper (Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, Beaver Dam, WI), and may also do this as well for the largest papers in Wisconsin, too.

Here's what I intend to submit to my local paper tomorrow:

In 18 days, we head to the polls to cast our vote for the President. And probably about 95% of us will be voting for either President Obama, or Governor Mitt Romney.

However, the fact is that NEITHER of these two men have done a single thing to deserve the votes most will give them.

Under Obama, we have seen the “Nobel Peace Prize” winner further expand our military adventurism around the globe, and WITHOUT proper Congressional approval for these actions. We have seen the debt ceiling raised multiple times, because our debt gets larger. We have seen continued and further erosion of our liberties with the reauthorization of the Patriot Act, and the signing of the NDAA which allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens WITHOUT due process. We have seen the further deterioration of our economy, further debasing of our currency, and rule by executive order. We have also seen criminal misconduct by Attorney General Eric Holder on the infamous “Fast and Furious” program that has led to his being found in Contempt of Congress for his lack of transparency. An American teenager suspected of nothing is dead today because of the drone strikes authorized by this President as well. There are dead diplomats as well that should be alive.

With Governor Romney, however, it gets no better; his proposals will only expand our military footprint even further than we have now, his budget plans will NOT shrink our unsustainable debt, and will in fact make it even bigger, EVEN IF he follows the plan of Rep. Paul Ryan. Ryan’s proposals cut NOTHING, balance no budgets for approximately three decades, and even with that, it takes unrealistic growth for the entire time in order to achieve that. Romney ALSO will continue on with the tradition of cronyism as our economic philosophy, just as Obama has. He supports many of the same legislation Obama has, such as the NDAA and the Patriot Act, amongst MANY others. The author of the Obama Care taxpayer-subsidized health insurance program for Massachusetts is NOT about to “repeal and replace” this bill. Why would he? HE WROTE IT! He also supports through his policies a continued level of debt and currency debasement, and has spoken often in support of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and his counterfeiting policies. He supported the bailouts of the banks (TARP), and the auto industry. This speaks nothing of the funny business committed at the hands of the RNC and Team Romney during the 2012 Primary/Caucus cycle. And I haven’t even begun to address the constant change of positions on most issues by the Governor as well. He’s been on all sides of most every issue.

If neither man will follow the restrictions placed on them by the Constitution – the very document they will swear to “defend, protect, and uphold” – then NEITHER man deserves our support in November. There are other choices on the ballot; please study them, consider them, and pick someone you feel deserves your vote!

I'm capped out at 500 words for submission, and this currently has 500 words. I'm feeling good about it, but if anyone has other ideas to make this letter even better, than I'd love to hear them.

Thank you in advance.

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Nice catch

You're right.

Good Work.

May I plagiarize you? It would be easy for everyone reading to copy and paste your words.. and multiply the effect. howzabout it?

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I agree on the style comments

Your points don't need extra emphasis; what you write is on point and doesn't need the distraction. In the last 2 sentences of the 5th paragraph you use "as well" back to back - you might consider changing one of those and reviewing the rest for those sometimes repetitive "favorite phrases" we all have, and we all tend to use more often than we need to :) My mother was an English teacher...old habits die hard :)

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Cut back on the capitalized

Cut back on the capitalized words please. A couple here or there is fine, but far too often people over use them.

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Yes, I agree with this

Very well written, though.

What writing teachers will tell you is that you need to make your point with the language itself, not with language styles, i.e. italics, caps, bolds.

It lends to an immaturity and emotionalism that you don't need.

Good work.

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One mistake worth correcting...

It is not true that "95% of us will be voting for either President Obama, or Governor Mitt Romney". I think this year that number will probably be less than 40% of the population (in 2008, 42.5% voted for Obama and McCain, combined).

And this is a significant point, especially to those who believe in democracy in which the majority can and should rule the minority (I personally don't believe in that premiss). Even if people believe that, they can't possibly believe the President has this power that comes with a majority backing, because a POTUS will probably never have that. Obama, for example, was only voted for by 22.8% of Americans.

Overall, nice letter. Thanks for sharing.

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Excellent point

Don't quote me on this to the letter, but my understanding has always been:

1/2 of those eligible are registered to vote.

Only 1/2 of those eligible vote.

Only 1/2 of those vote for the guy who wins.

So effectively, it is about 13% of the population that elects the President.

But I don't have the exact figures.

saliberty - when you say that Obama was voted for by 22.8% of Americans, do you have a source? I guess it is easy enough to look up how many votes he got: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_elec...

Obama got 69 million. So that is about right. My figures are obviously a little exaggerated. Still, excellent point.

So instead of saying, "95% will vote for" you might say, "The vast majority of those participating will cast a vote for either...."

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.

Sources and Data

I got the stats by wikipedia"ing" the vote total of 2008 compared to population of 2008:

Population 2008: 304,375,000
Obama 2008 votes: 69,456,897 (22.8%)
McCain 2008 votes: 59,934,814 (19.7%)
Votes between the two of them: 129,391,711 (42.5%)




I just found the following figures regarding voter registration here: http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/socdemo/voting/publications/p...

November 2008:
225,499,000 total population over 18 years
206,072,000 total citizen population over 18 years
146,311,000 total registered to vote
131,144,000 total voted

So, the only Majority Obama received was a majority of those who voted. He didn't even receive a majority of those registered to vote, let alone citizen population > 18, let alone total population >18, let alone total population.

LOVE it!


My paper limits it to 250 words

It's always nice to get something published. good luck!


Very well written and respectfully thought out.

For future thought, if it feels Good to YOU, you need not the "approval" of others. People will resonate with your words and some may not. Follow YOUR instincts.


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and no spelling/grammatical errors...and you haven't tried to "sell" a 3rd party candidate!! That's perfect...SEND IT!!!
With your permission, can any of us copy/paste this to our own newspapers around the nation? I'd love to stick that in our local paper... Everyone needs to read this while there's still time!
Good job, Dave!

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Anything I post is available for your use.

I'll take a look at any/all suggestions, tweak if necessary, and go from there.

Agreed, Send it!

Looks good. Hope it gets posted and wakes some people up.

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Send it

looks great to me!

Hopefully it wakes up a few (thousand) people in Wisconsin.

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