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Story from the McDonald's drive-thru

I got some Mickey D's last night before work.

Girl at Window: *Looks at my sign in the back window* "Ron Paul, huh?"
Me: "That's right!"
Girl: "Never heard of him"
Me: "Not surprised... the media never talks about him because he speaks the truth. You should google him"
Girl: "He's running for President?"
Me: "He was. Not anymore though. The Republican Party disenfranchised a whole voting block of liberty minded voters and made sure to shut out Ron Paul at the convention"
Girl: "Oh I see. Still got your signs up though!"
Me: "Yea, at this point it's about the message not the man... that and I can't stand Romney"
Girl: "HAHA, I like it! I'll check him out!"

Chalk one up for liberty. Waking people up one person at a time!

Should have gotten her number though. What an anti-climactic ending to a story...

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Where's that girk chatta me kort?

I hate to ruin everybody's appetite

but just in case you don't already know. McDonald's hamburger is made from a "spent heifer" This is a dairy cow (female) that has been giving milk for all her sorry and unnatural life. She has been pumped with antibiotics and lactation hormones and fed on corn. After her milk production begins to drop off in about 7 years, she is culled and butchered for "100% pure beef". She is skinny - often sickly-with a huge udder.The meat you purchase at a supermarket is a steer (male). He is slaughtered as a very young adult. If you saw the raw meat of a spent heifer you would never buy it but they can disguise it by cooking the heck out of it and covering it with condiments.
The chicken at McDonald's is made from "spent hens". Layers after the egg production drops. Just don't eat it no matter how cheap it is. Would you eat an arsenic burger or a Chicken McPoison just because you can get it for $1??

There's nothing wrong with real food.

Caardvaark, you sound like you've been brainwashed by the anti-meat brigade. If the meat was poison, would the animal still be alive?

Oh, well, go eat your soybeans and grass clippings - humans have survived on real meat for some thousands of years, thank you very much.

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Actually humans ate meat for survival.

it was easier to take a few along on the wagon train and let them graze, as planting crops would have taken much more effort. There is a very distinct difference in carnivores and herbavores, you can generally determine this by the large canines on either side of the upper jaw of the carnivore. If you are equipped with large, pointed canines please accept my apology in advance.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

I eat Plenty of Meat

Just not McDonald's. I worked in the meat industry for 21 years as a vendor and contractor. I have been inside almost every McDonald's and every other fast food producer there is. I am a cryogenic engineer and many plants use liquid nitrogen to freeze their products, others use gaseous nitrogen and oxygen for packaging or carbon dioxide as dry ice.I installed the equipment at the food factories for the industrial gas industry. My title was Industry Specialist - Food and Beverage. I worked for Air Liquide America and for BOC Gases. I have seen the food industry from the inside. I have been at the slaughter houses too. What do you think they do with all the spent animals after they are done producing milk and eggs? Do you think they throw them away? If you saw what the food is made of, you would not eat it. Chicken McNuggets are enough to make me throw up when I smell them since I have seen them made.
When the price of spent meat rises, they use another product called frozen block from AUstralia. It comes here in 40 pound frozen cubes and the corners are all dehydrated and black. It's horrifying. I don't eat a lot of things as a result of having been inside these factories, but especially McDonald's. Wendy's is OK as they use steer meat delivered fresh to the stores.
Pink slime is not the worst of it, but just a catchy phrase that somehow leaked out to the media. Pink slime is called MDM - mechanically deboned meat- and is a paste or sluury that is extracted from the cooked or raw bones after the meat has been removed for the most part. The carcasses are fed into an MDM machine and the last bits of meat and marrow are extracted to make a meat paste that is then added to patties, soups, gravies, etc. The bones exit the machine looking like they have been sitting in the desert sun for months. I could tell you a whole lot more. It is all a big secret because most people either don't want to know, or the companies don't want you to know. Try typing the word McDonald's into the comment section of am MSM article. See if it gets published.

Sounds like...

an urban legend you'd see on Snopes.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Any links on this?

Can't find a thing - sounds like bull. (-:

17% of meat comes from spent animals- here's your link


McDonalds uses mostly spent cows and hens - with a mix of Australian frozen block. Why do you think it is so cheap? It's dog food, that's why.


2 hours later and they took the link down. Wow. I wonder how many people hit the link in order for them to take it down? Strange and sinister if you ask me.


I saved the article

Should Limits Be Put On ‘Spent Cows?’
By Dan Flynn | April 12, 2010
In areas of India where the Hindu majority holds sway, “spent cows” wander freely because they are considered sacred as motherly figures that gave people milk.

In the United States, it’s a little more complicated. By some estimates, as much as 17 percent of the U.S. beef supply comes from cows no longer able to economically produce milk.

More often than not, “spent cows” are sold for slaughter to provide meat for human consumption. A dairy might decide a cow is “spent” for any number of reasons such as mastitis, udder infection, foot rot, and calcium depletion. “Downer cows,” such as those mistreated recently at the Chino slaughterhouse, are the examples of the most debilitated “spent cows.”

A week rarely goes by without one or more dairies in the U.S. being warned about abuse of animal drugs used to medicate “spent cows” just before they are sold for slaughter. It often results in antibiotics being found in the edible tissues of animals at levels far higher than allowed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

At this point, however, the term “spent cow” does not mean anything formally. But, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is at least considering making “spent cows” a category for special treatment.

The Meat Trade News Daily reports FSIS Administrator Alfred Almanza participated in an industry roundtable where he raised that possibility. It would mean that “spent cows” could be slaughtered for meat for human consumption, but only for products that are cooked or canned.

“Spent cows” would not be used for raw beef products.

Under the Obama administration, FSIS may take a more risk-based approach to inspection and slaughter. It would mean slaughterhouses would have to take into account the food safety risks associated with buying various types of animals.

The meat industry is likely to oppose limitations on “spent cows.” Meat Trade News said older cows continue to have economic value; USDA’s existing rules prevent slaughter of non-ambulatory cattle, and there is no correlation between age and food safety.

Then there’s the experience USDA had with “spent-hens” meaning the 100 million egg-laying hens culled each year. USA Today reported last December that USDA spent more than $145 million on spent-hen meat for the National School Lunch program. It bought more than 77 million pounds of spent hen meat for chicken patties and salads.

About the only other markets for “spent hen” meat was for pet food and compost


Show her your "articles of confederation"
See how well she understands "caucuses"
Ask if she wants to exercise her right to "peaceably assemble"
Is she interested in your "stimulus package"?

Just make sure you "secede from the Union" before the "boom and bust"

I'm sorry, I can't help it...I sound like a 7th grader...

with any luck

she'll put her Mittens on your Johnson...

Maybe she's still a Virgil...

I wonder if she's Goode in bed.

I don't play, I commission the league.

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Thanks for the LMAO.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Mike - I think the consensus here is that you are to:

a) return for her phone number
b) ask her out; and,
c) report back to us immediately upon completing either a) or b)

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

It's on the To do List, lol

It'll have to wait til next week though. I begin my drive to Arkansas in just a couple of hours for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReX4akca2aU

I'll keep you guys and gals posted when I do!

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
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"The Moment"

I'll be joining in "the moment" up here from Canada as it happens in Arkansas!!!

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Namaste! from "The Moment"

I took some video from today's Moment at Mt. Manataka here in Hot Springs, Arkansas. YouTube channel: MikeFWT210. I didn't get video of everything, since I was participating, but I got footage of what I could. Even some not so good video blogs, lol.

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

d) Never eat that sh.t again.

d) Never eat that sh.t again.

lol, +1

It was my first time in months and I regretted it after eating it, haha.
That sh.t tore me up :-P

My Political Awakening: I Wanted to Change the World...
I am NOT Anti-America. America is Anti-Me - Lowkey
How to Handle POLICE STATE Encounters

Go back and get her number!

Try going back at the same time next week. You never know.

our country is in a deep mess.

Ive been stressing myself out lately after everything that has gone down in the last few months, as I'm sure a lot of us are. But this story really picked up my spirits. I think that if we can speak to people in no pressure situations one on one we have a good chance of opening lots of peoples eyes. Its also a reminder that after this sham of an election is concluded we have to keep striving to live our lives as best as we possibly can under these bleak circumstances. If we let ourselves become consumed by hate and self pity then TPTB have won. In the words of the ignorant online masses , "YOLO."

That is exactly why

I continue to run for Congress. Its about the message and giving other people the opportunity to hear it. And if we are going to spread the word of personal responsibility, we better live it. Good for them and for me. Stay positive!


Way to go, man! One at a

Way to go, man! One at a time.


You never know what may happen! I met my wife of over 27 years at the drive-thru of the nearby McDonald's! I sure am glad I asked for her number!!

Keep spreading liberty!

"Should have gotten her

"Should have gotten her number though. What an anti-climactic ending to a story..."

YES!!! GO BACK FOR HER NUMBER!!! Nothing better than two liberty lovers getting together! =)

R.O.N. - RESTORE OUR NATION (credit: Fiat Justitia).

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms." -Ron Paul.

Must read -Great article on U.S. foreign policy:


Liberty message is still in the presidential race

Tell her to google Gary Johnson.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Cute story. That's the spirit.

Cute story. That's the spirit.

Exactly right : one person at a time. Same here, on my end. Thank you for that.

Funny you post this, btw : check out "my almost daily terrorism" comment in the "Agent provocateur arrested in false flag attempt to blow up New York Federal Reserve" thread


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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My first job was at McD's

Go back tomorrow and get her number. Seriously. She'll be there.

Great story.


Yeah, whats up with everybody elses pointers? Dude, just burn her a copy of "for liberty", and get her number. But yes, things are changing around us.