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Time for a discussion of Ayn Rand

I don't know much about CAPR (Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights), but I received an email from my local Campaign for Liberty coordinator and Ron Paul supporter essentially endorsing Romney by means of a "good" rating in green, while Obama's rating was "poor" in red. No mention of any other Presidential candidates... The link as well as the ratings themselves were in the email.


I see Mitt "Chertoff" Romney as an enemy of Liberty, so I would like to use this opportunity to start a discussion about the dangerous potential of the Liberty movement to be co-opted and corrupted by corporatists, similar to what happened to the Tea Party via Glenn Beck etc.

I'm not passing any judgement or pointing fingers at CAPR, but I know that many of us are concerned about the future of the Liberty movement. For example, when I hear a public figure praising Ayn Rand or "privatization", I raise my eyebrows more than a little, whereas other Liberty lovers cheer enthusiastically. I think it is time for a crucial and meaningful discussion about the value of public spirit and public assets, before the Liberty bandwagon jumps on the Titanic. I encourage everyone to re-read their Adam Smith and Edmund Burke before pulling out their pitchforks.

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The emotional reaction to the federal government

clouds the judgement of many "new" libertarians. I mean, obviously social security sounds like a great plan; If it was brought down to the state/county level, I bet you we would have a great program that takes care of seniors. The thing is a lot of libertarians would gasp at the idea of county regulation. They pretend it is possible for this to be a country of individuals. They obviously do not know the story of our two party system, for they would be aware that the unionization of the parties, along with slogans and massive organization overwhelmed our political system leading, in part, to the lying bribery filled congressional halls we love oh so much today. Now, let me be clear (lol) and to your point, government is a GOOD THING. Until we figure out how to govern ourselves through the internet and technology and get rid of the idea of political positions, we are forced into a system of regulation, laws and force. So the key is to allow forms of governments to compete. You want your county SS program or county Medicare program to take care of everyone, and if you’re not taking care of everyone, they will move or show up at your door every day. Point is get involved, quit complaining on DP about BS, go join your local school board.

You just got PAULED!

The title of the above post is a non sequitur.

Whether or not the Seattle C4L might like Romney, this certainly isn't an endorsement. It is simply information provided to C4L members about one particular organization's approval (and here, not specifically an endorsement either!) of Romney's stance on one particular issue.

I sure hope folks at DP are sensitive to the impropriety of this kind of conclusion jumping.

good point

Duly noted, and changed accordingly.

Many folks who consider

Many folks who consider themselves liberty lovers still haven't woken up to the fact that our's is a crony capitalist country. These folks react to the bashing the left does of ALL corporations by defending ALL corporations in a knee jerk fashion.

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