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Super Tuesday is in three weeks

And we need a MASSIVE media blitz the final two weeks before Super Tuesday. I really hope headquarters has something planned with all the money we've donated. Right now the average person does not know about Ron Paul - which is something that needs to be changed immediately. I don't have the perfect suggestion. I really hope the campaign does. I really don't mean to sound hyper-critical, but we've provided the support - financially and through the grassroots - to win this nomination. I really hope the campaign makes use of it these last 3 critical weeks....

I mean, if the campaign wanted to, they could put a Ron Paul DVD


in 36 million mailboxes across the country. (Not sure how RonPaulDVD would make 36 million copies in a week though...)

I know I'm venting. I just feel frustrated. I think a lot of us do. That's why I think the MLK money bomb isn't shaping up to be what the others were as of yet. We've donated over $20 million and haven't seen it spent.


/end rant.

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My positive thoughts are

My positive thoughts are this is the calm before the storm(media blitz.)

Keep the PMA(positive mental attitude) and faith! I know it gets hard at times. But the money donated will show! I assure you!