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Let's "Drown" This Site with RP Support before the MI Vote today.


I have seen about 6 posters from MI posting since Sunday... but only 1 new post about Ron Paul since the last 2 hours.
I posted tons of times, and a few others who may have been from here, also posting(from FL, CA, OH, etc..).
There have been about 2-3 dozen Pro-Ron Paul posts in the past 24 hours, or so...by 12 people.

Anyhow... people are posting like there's no tomorrow...tons and tons of posts.

Please feel free to sign up( what ...takes 3 minutes, tops?) and post some more Pro-Ron Paul news on there...
Seems they are worried about the economy a lot(I guess so, they are 50th out of 50 states, in lack of employment), and I see iraq mentioned a lot, etc..

If 10-20 people post 1 time... that's 2 whole pages before the am rush, and for the night owls still posting like crazy right now.


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YEA!!! I get to vote for Ron Paul tomorrow.

The local newspaper did this weird poll that looked like this, cannot remember the exact numbers....approximate
McCain 25%
Romney 20%
Huckster 11%
Other 19%
Undecided 16%

I have talked to alot of people about Ron Paul...with positive response...so we shall see. Its cold up here so its hard to be outside alot. In Traverse City they had a pizza party for him.
I have alot of ideas now for the general election...so bring it On!!


lets GO!

lets GO!