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I met "Alexander the Great"

I must first explain my situation as to where one of my businesses is located. I am located in a very remote place on the "Mother Road" , Old Rout 66 right off of I-40. About 55 miles from the nearest services from the west and 48 miles to the East in one of the hottest places in the Continental U.S., The Mojave Desert. During the summer the temps get an average of 125 degrees or more. It takes a very hardy and tough person to even choose to live in this god forsaken place in the first place, let alone cross this place during the summer like the person I met who called himself "Alexander the Great" with an ID to prove it.

One afternoon my friend from next door and I were "Stabbing" a new motor into an old 57 Chevy Apache pickup truck when we looked up the road and noticed a visual clump of "Red,White and Blue" waving in the wind coming down the road our direction. I looked at my friend and made the comment "Oh man, here we go again". I said this because these homeless people that have no other legal route to travel have always stopped and put the bum on an already financially stressed and strapped situation, Me. As compassionate as I am, over the last 26 years at this location I have realized that most of these folks put themselves into the position they are in by personal choice. I was ahead of the "game" before it started, yet I was willing to approach it with an open mind.

So, in comes this small statured Hispanic gentleman about 63 wearing a "Sombrero" with two baby strollers and a Chihuahua named "Mejia". Each stroller had at least a hundred small U.S. flags on staffs taped and tied in every available spot, he was pushing one and pulling the other. My first thought was that he "deserves credit" for the physical effort it would take to do this over the miles he has come to get even here from the last town 48 miles away, It immediately gave me an open mind, respect and appreciation for this gentleman I was about to meet. His first words were as all the others, "Do you have any water?" As always I said "Absolutely" and pointed him to the coolest source we have. He left us to our work for the next 30 minutes as he filled his 2 liter bottles and cups.

He loaded his water on to the carts and then came over to us to introduce himself. He started off by talking government conspiracies,911, The gulf of Tonken,Kennedy,FEMA,weapons of mass destruction and the whole list we debate here on the DP. So, I probably should not have but I chose to engage discussion with this gentleman that came from nowhere. My first question was "Who are you?". He reached for his wallet and produced a homemade ID that had his picture on it and said "I am Alexander the Great!" Sure as shit that is what it said but it was not even close to a legal ID. It actually said ("I am Alexander the Great!"), lol. I looked him in the eyes and asked "How many times have you been to jail because of this ID"? His response was: "Lots of times, that is how I keep my teeth fixed!". His eyes did not lie and I took note.

So now at this point I was quite caught up and tossed as to what kind of person I had just met?, I realized that we were now done with our project and would have to knock off for the evening to deal with and appreciate Alexander the Great. So we opened another beer and sat down to discuss current events with Alexander. He was quite knowledgeable about many of the things we discuss here on the DP. After this question and answer session of about two hours we realized it was time to close up shop and go make a plan for dinner. I then made the decision that because he might be up front and one of us I invited him to dinner with no complaint from Alexander or my buddy Anthony. Closed down and moved to the coach with Anthony Alexander and Mejia to find what I could put together for dinner...

After 20 minutes of messing around with his flags to make sure no one would "steal them", Alexander and Mejia came to the door and were invited in as welcome guests. In the mean time I had decided that I had not made Fish Tacos in quite awhile and asked them both if it was cool as a dinner? Anthony had never had fish tacos and Alexander was beside himself with the idea. We talked as I started to prepare dinner and had quite an interesting discussion with this new found brother of liberty that seemed to support everything we fight for here on the DP. I was impressed that he said was not a "Taker" but explained he would rather depend on "only himself". We went on to find out he was actually an illegal alien but his "Display" of U.S. flags deterred the question of this fact. I was thinking and stated to Alexander "Brilliant" Lol.

About the time dinner was ready and started to smelling good Alexander decided to take off his shoes and get relaxed. Well, needless to say the combination of Alexander's feet and the fish taco filling set us all into an upside down and regroup direction of thinking almost immediately. I put the food in the fridge as fast as possible and ask him why he could not wait to do that until after dinner? As I looked at his feet and asked that very same question I saw that his socks were so worn out that all the toes were gone and the heels were shot on both feet. I then realized that we were not going to have the chance to eat until we fixed this situation. Anthony and I stepped out and decided to round up as much canned food and clothes we could quarter so that we could eat the fish tacos as soon as possible. I stepped to the bedroom and Anthony ran back to his place as we collected as much as we could spare in food and clothes to help Alexander.

So we set him up with new clothes,socks and a sealed package of boxers. He changed down to his underware right in front of us even though I offered the bathroom and a shower to do this deed. I appreciated "Slightly" his boldness. He remained unabashed and unwashed but it finally became a bearable ambiance to reheat the fish taco filling as we became used to Alexander's well earned fragrance. Dinner went well and Anthony complimented me for a job well done while Alexander could not consume enough. Now at this point Alexander decided he was ready for a beer or two as we talked about past experiences of being homeless. Both Anthony and myself have been there in the past so we were not new to the concept. We shared stories about which restaurants that have the best throw aways in their garbage cans with Alexander.

The evening seemed to go well and as we wound it down Anthony started to head home. I went out to properly thank him for helping with the 57 Chevy project and Alexander was on my tail as Anthony left. Alexander asked me if it was O.K. to park his carts out by my coach and I told him it was fine and set him up with a prime soft location to toss his bag. This is when things started to go south between me and Alexander. As I hooked him up he grabbed his bag and followed me into my house and unrolled it on my couch without asking if it was cool to do so. Two problems, I have a 89 pound doberman watching him and looking at me saying "What the hell does he think he is doing taking my bed?" Second I was not going to share my own bed with anyone but my wife who was out of town at the time. Besides I just met him? Lol.

So as the concept of sleeping with "Alexander the Great" flashed through my head, I explained to him that he was extending his welcome just a bit. I told him "I love you man, but I am not so sure my dog will give up his bed". Neither one of us will get a wink of sleep if you impose here tonight my friend. "Have you not slept outside before?". He immediately jumped in my face and accused me of being racial towards him because he was a Mexican. I was taken back and insulted by this turn of events and looked at him and asked "Do I owe you anything at all amigo,did I not share with you this evening?" He then got mad and stomped off with an environment of distaste of my hospitality that I was very uneasy about all night long. I did not sleep well with concern about his drastic attitude that had flipped in one second during my refusal to let him sleep with me.

At some point around 4 am I realized I had indeed fell asleep for maybe 45 minutes and got up to go and see if Alexander was still here. Funny thing is, even though he was gone, I did not suspect him of carting anything off with him. He was too loaded up when he got here. So I had the chance to meet "Alexander the Great" and actually had came to appreciate the experience. I then thought to myself "Good luck man and take care!".

Next Day:
Next day while I was busy with customers lined up waiting my friend with Red,White and Blue fanfair Alexander came back. He was asking me to stop my program to fix one of the wheels one one of his carts. I told him I would do what I could as soon as I got caught up a bit. He continued on to get belligerent with my customers to the point I had to ask the next customer I needed to take a few minutes to fix his shit to get him out of our way. I was lucky the customer was nice enough to agree. So I tack welded a washer on his axle to retain the wheel permanently which took another 30 minutes after dragging out the welder,Cord and Hood. I wished him well and to have a safe trip as I do with everyone. He then decided to stay right in my way. I asked him nicely to get the hell out of the way or his dog was in jeopardy because of traffic. He then proceeded to walk his dog in front of my customers in a planned agenda.

Sorry folks, but at this point I lost my temper and told him to get the hell off my property right now. I totally understood that in order to legally do this I would have to close my shop and post a closed sign so I did so and went and told him I am closed and he was trespassing at this point. His response was "What else can you give me? What else can you give me?, Or I will stay for a few more days. I told him that it only takes the Sheriffs about 30 minutes to get here and he would get his teeth looked at again very soon if he did not move on down the road and not come back.

This is what it took to convince him to move on. I have now been trying to figure out how this happened when I was such a nice guy? He was the one to get racial first? Was it a "You got more than me pay up?" Saw him the other day in the big town and I truly hope he is well trying to convince folks which can to share out of. It only cost me a few personal donations,dinner,clothes and a couple hundred dollars in lost business that got drove away to meet "Alexander the Great".Lol.


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Great story

I was on the street too for a while and....yeah. A lot of street people seem to be bi--polar or something, because they'll flip out over the most trivial bullshit. Makes me glad I never fell into the whole addiction/shelter/jail cycle that seem to drive so many homeless people off the edge.

Personally, I would've just punched the guy in the face as soon as he started with the "racist" crap. I'm tired of people thinking I owe them something. I don't owe you shit.

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I friggen love fish Tacos! Lol. learned that from my upbringing in a Hispanic neighborhood.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Not so much fish, but

yeah same here. Came from a Puerto Rican neighborhood. It was a very loud place (of course), but everyone used to love teaching each other how to cook, and new kids on the block could just walk on onto their new friend's house for some rice and beans without having to schedule some ridiculous playdate.

Seems those days are gone...for now. ;0

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Three day old beans.

I don't care where you go in my neighborhood the beans are reheated and added daily so that there is a "Continues" pot of beans,Lol. It is comparable to the "sourdough" bread starters that have been around in families for a hundred years or more. Someone must get up every morning and "make" it happen. You know, we could use a little more of that in this country.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

So on my way to a funeral yesterday.

I Ran into "Alexander the great" Again. I asked him how he was doing and I hoped he was well. He asked me if I was feeling sorry for his dog. I then asked him "You don't remember me do you?". After explaining the previous exchange we had a month ago he admitted he did not remember. So goes it in this world of graciousness.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

You, My Friend,

should write a book! That was a fantastic read!

I am too much the push over. Alexander and his pup would have had my bed, the dog the couch, and I would have been on the floor...or I may have been too frightened to even invite him in.

I remember being home alone and handing a couple of cheese quesadillas over the fence to a man and his friend. He turned his nose up at it, while his friend had some sense of thankfulness. Honestly, it was what I had just consumed for lunch, so I figured it good enough for handouts.

All I can say is, it is a good thing that I am married to a man with some sense of boundary or an Alexander may still have our bed and we the floor.


I was really hoping for a happy ending! lol

You done good brother in liberty, and I believe you will reap the benefits of your generosity. (good karma)

I'm sorry Alexander was undeserving of it. People like you will always get screwed over by people like that because your heart is big, but in the end, you win.

I know personally, I'd much rather get screwed over, than use and abuse another person.

Wish I had extra money to send you for a nice dinner for yourself and your generous friend Anthony. It's folks like you who keep my hopes alive for mankind.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Thanks for that story

that was real.

I needed to share man

Thank you for recognizing reality for what it is.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

I really enjoyed it.

it wasn't necessarily happy, but it wasn't necessarily sad. it didn't necessarily have a "moral to the story", but it wasn't completely without insights either. I think I understand, it's one of those experiences that is just that, an experience. It doesn't necessarily put you out of your comfort zone, but it is out of the norm. it's real.

wow, that was a great story, thanks!

You kept me interested throughout. I usually don't have the patience to read long posts, but you kept me riveted. I love strange characters like that Alexander of yours, even though they can be trouble. Mojave is an interesting place. I once spent a strange night in a small town called Oatman, AZ, where wild donkeys roam the streets and the nearest cop is an hour away.

"All our words are but crumbs that fall down from the feast of the mind." - Khalil Gibran
"The Perfect Man has no self; the Holy Man has no merit; the Sage has no fame." - Chuang Tzu

Used to live in Oatman Az.

Biker town, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll is the basis of the economy in this little town 30 minutes from Laughlin Nv. I did a sit down music gig when I was there at the hotel lobby. Same place Clark Gable and Carol Lombard spent their wedding night. Let me know if you need reservations to the Mojave! Lol. The BLM swears it's free!

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."


Wow Dude, is that your Tiki? I don't suppose Alexander would get much love in Hankleberry and the biker crowd.

Quite a story JR. Thanks for posting.

Free includes debt-free!

Funny thing Paul

Everytime we see him, I find myself rolling down the window and yelling "Alexander" and throwing him the peace sign as we drive by, Lol. Love shown up front is love collected someday. I truly believe this.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

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like you ran into the hispanic version of your buddy up there in Canada.

Overinflated sense of self importance. Sense of entitlement. Milks the system. Manipulates when they don't get what they want. Makes threats when they don't get what they want. Literally cloaks himself in the flag to hide that he is a fraud. Plays the victim. Doesn't care about what you have built for yourself and will urinate on it just the same. Takes advantage of someone they sense has good nature.

I'm not mother Theresa, but I have volunteered giving food and clothing off of a truck to the homeless for an organisation called mobile loaves and fishes. I lived around and interacted with many of them who congregated on a corner of my neighborhood by the University when I was younger.
While there were many that were grateful for the help they were getting, there seemed to be just as many that had that exact mentality you described.
I don't mind talking and interacting with anyone. You never know what you might learn. I have met some interesting homeless people over the years and even employed a couple as well. But that doesn't mean that I would let them set up a tent in my front yard on my cul de sac and urinate in the street. I've learned my lessons about swimming out to save a drowning man. Sometimes you'll get pulled (or pushed) under the water.
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." (or a flag draped stroller)

Your assessment was correct. Chalk it up to experience.

But my old friend.

I will do it with an open mind over again the next time it comes along. I truly believe they are innocent until proven guilty. Someday I will share some of the revelations that came from some of those I helped here without question. It far makes up for those that try to pull the "game" on me. Thank you bro for taking the time to read and understand the message in this very true and current story of my public contact here. I am hoping that you can take the time as I have over the years to approach every one of these contacts as a "New" and different contact as I try and do. Easier to get screwed that have the guilt of screwing. The better man wins in the end, Right? Keep the love in your heart man.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

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though my response came across as cynical and maybe snarky, I still try to approach new interpersonal experiences in the same way. I try to listen to my inner voice and do and go where I feel called. It doesn't mean that I now view all homeless people the same way. Homeless or not, human nature is human nature.
I just hate to see people of good character and nature be taken advantage of.

I understood man

I understood my friend. I have an issue everytime it happens and have to pull out the "Better" part of my soul. I have had my ass kicked so many times it is getting harder to be compassionate and share with those that have no respect or appreciation for what is actually being shared. I am getting so tired of them showing up and telling me that "You owe me something". I can ask them "What?" Then they start to look around for something in my shop that will compensate them for the debt they think I owe them. See, It seems we were on the same page together all along. But as for my squirrel friend in Canada? He is the most energetic and committed persons I have ever met in my life. His title posts might be sometimes sensational, very optimistic and hopeful sometimes beyond reason, but his energy is what would have won Ron the nomination had we all been the same. This deserves appreciation even in the slightest. I wish more had his passion and drive.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

I would owe you a day's wages for a honest day of labor.

In the old days a bottle of wine bought time in the human sized hamster wheel that powered shop tools.

The free market is all about exchange for mutual benefit.

Free includes debt-free!

If averaged yearly

I make about 4 silver dollars a day. Lol. A little better than unemployment I would say? Lol.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."