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Doug Wead blogs on how Romney cheated his way to the top. Prepare to have your skin crawl!

I can't believe that this @#$%$#@ got the nomination. What is wrong with this country???? I've spent a lot of time today defending my reasons for not voting for Zombie & I'm getting pretty sick & tired of arguing with people who have no ethics or principles.

Doug Wead: New evidence is coming out about just how tough and dirty the Mitt Romney campaign fought to block the Ron Paul takeover of the Republican Party at the State Conventions last summer.

It may offer a little sneak preview of what a Romney presidency will be like. And make no mistake, barring war with Syria or some other dramatic October surprise, Romney will now win this election in a landslide. At least, that is my humble opinion, as one who loves and reads history. The economy will decide that.

It turns out that Mitt Romney and other Republican operatives were apparently very much aware of what was going on at the precinct, county, district and state conventions. This was not greedy state and country chairmen wanting to hang onto power so they could go to the RNC as delegates and get drunk. The hardball tactics were apparently approved and refined from state to state from Iowa, where the state chairman got money for the GOP and promises and conveniently kept a Santorum win out of the news for months, all the way to Tampa, where pudgy, Romney Brownshirt goons raced along the streets in golf cart-like vehicles, looking for demonstrators to divert into chain fence cages beyond view of the media. Welcome to Romney’s America.


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I am so glad...

I am so glad we had Doug, Jesse and Rand to look out for us in the election. Who knows, maybe we could have made a mistake and won.


my skin's been crawling

what's the new info here? isn't this just a summary of some of the crap we've been putting up with? i'd like to hear about what REALLY went down between the romney and paul camps. but i guess we gotta protect rand, huh?

if romney wins, we HAVE TO start a new party, or start work on getting a state out of the union where we can all move to

Interesting this woud come out at almost exactly the same time..

as Obama's nuke deal with Iran.

The elephant in the room....

I LOVE RON PAUL just like you, however why has he never pressed this issue further? What I see is millions of his fans get pissed but I see not one mention of these antics when Ron could have destroyed Romney. I mean DESTROYED him. Don't you think it was a little bit strange that no one ever pressed this issue until now? You did and. I did but why won't the Paul camp do something about this? Im serious not trying to start controversy.

I'm just speculating but

it seems like Dr. Paul always cared more about spreading an important message and creating a lasting movement than winning the primary, which he knew was rigged from the get-go.

Mr. Wead mentioned before that the Romney camp threatened to destroy the Ron Paul name and reputation so that no one would ever take him seriously again if he tried to go after The Thug Romney. The movement and his message would have probably gone down with that kind of attack and, being such a long-term visionary, that would have gone against his main objective. He accomplished what he set out to do. That's why we're all here. He's always seemed to care more about the big picture and the long term consequences of things.

RP is wise

in his ways, and far more so than young people can imagine.

I pray for justice

If any of these cretins survive the coming upheavals that we face, I pray that they will be held accountable in the new American republic.

Wasted vote!

My mom, WHO VOTED FOR ROSS PEROT, is giving me the "wasted vote" speech regarding my vote, which will likely be a Ron Paul write-in, but certainly won't be for one of the two major party reptiles. Grrrrrr! Then I get lectured on Facebook by my Catholic friends, who tell me I am voting for Obama if I don't vote for Romney. Grrrrr!

Mass Resistance

Tell them to go to www.Massresistance.org, and read The Romney Deception, their report on how anti-family and anti-life Romney is, and then ask them to still defend him. They'll probably get real quiet, though they will probably still vote for Romney because they can't conceive of the fact that we have no voice.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.

I can try that

I have tried giving them the long list of pro-abortion ACTIONS Romney has taken, but they want to believe that he has changed. I really don't think that the Catholic Church intends for someone to believe whatever lies a candidate currently tells and ignore all past actions when forming one's conscience.

Religious freedom boogeyman

It is very frustrating. Part of it is the Healthcare Mandate thing. My personal opinion is that perhaps Obama did this to try to make an issue where he and Romney can disagree enough to get the hard-core religious to pick sides. To say that Romney is pro-life is laughable - he wouldn't be able to pull it off like Mccain did (though I didn't see McCain as particularly pro-life). Though picking Paul Ryan is his attempt at the Sarah Palin trick of picking a pro-life VP, it's not enough this time either.

So Obama decides to anger the religious, that can really hurt him in an election year, by going after religious freedom like this? As I said, I think it's a trick to make things seem too desperate to Catholics et al to vote outside the box. I don't think Romney cares one fig for religious freedom, after he made town clerks in MA issue same-sex "marriage" licenses on pain of losing their jobs (and a few did lose their jobs). Same-sex marriage still isn't legal in MA (the legislature has yet to change the law), so Romney trashed MA state constitution. That stuff is all documented in The Romney Deception. Romney being a better pick on religious freedom is a lie.

It wouldn't hurt to show them how Romney cheated Ron Paul during the primary season, too. Doug Wead's post might be a good place to start.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.

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romnie loses in a landslide!

who's gonna vote for him?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

don't you know

votes are rigged

Good reading

It's good to reread things like this to remind me, when I'm surrounded by people who think Romney's the best thing since sliced bread, that I shouldn't be upset when he has troubles. He deserves all of the trouble that can be thrown at him.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Doug WHO?

Where the hell was he when it mattered?


Doug was there

in Tampa, on the floor with the delegates, and at all the Ron Paul functions. Where were you?


I know this is the least of our worries...but now Its kind of funny.

You may remember that little Rhode Island DOMINATED our GOP meetings. Although we did not get the majority of votes for Ron Paul we got 25% of the popular vote so we got 25% of our state's delegates (representing Ron Paul the others were Romney).

Aside from all the other B.S. going on at the RNC here is what it looked like for Rhode Island on the floor:
( :38)
"you can't have this - this is private property..."

AND HERE is where I have to laugh! HERE IS THE PHOTO OF THE RI FLOOR DELEGATION sent to all the RI GOP delegates and alternates by the official RNC photographer asking people to place an order for an 8x10 print.

I think this has CHRISTMAS CHARD written all over it!
Look at Dave giving the thumbs down next to the Romney Infiltrator in the hat (the guy in the hat was WAS NOT A Rhode Island Guy.) The Ron Paul Delegates are the guys in suits not clapping. One of us is just smirking. What a shit show.

Then you better not vote for him Doug.

I wonder how many republicans who are bitching about this will hold their noses and vote for Romney anyway.

Let us NOT FORGET the dirty deeds done to Dr. Paul all throughout his campaign.

And I know full well Romney was ready to play the newsletter/racist card if it got too hot in the kitchen.

But Dr. Paul disavowed himself of that months ago.

Romney didn't care - it was his nuclear option, waiting in the wings if he needed it.

I wouldn't vote for that POS if he was the last candidate on earth.

In fact, if you held a gun to my head and MADE me vote for one of those 2 liars, I would more likely vote for Obama.

But not to worry, I've already cast my vote for Gary Johnson and the Libertarians. Which is what I really am anyway.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

We've already voted for Dr. Paul!

In Iowa early voting, my husband and I with delight cast our votes for Dr. Ron Paul as a write-in candidate. Really felt good! Hurrah for the Peace and Prosperity candidate...

Sweet Liberty

Let's just hope

there's another 47% style video tape of The Thug that they're holding to release closer to the election.

what makes the difference?

what makes the difference? the other douche is just as bad if not a little worse. we lose either way.

The difference is

4 years vs. 8 years. Our movement is growing.

If Romney loses, we have a better chance of repealing the grassroots murdering rules change at the GOP convention. If he wins, the rules are set in stone and it will be that much harder than it already is to ever create change.




***Watch Out For "minus" votes because the Neo-Cons will be terrified of this***

I saw as early as 2007 - The Beginning Of The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION - that we had a "blind-spot".

RON PAUL tried to restore The Republican Party to it's origins and that did not work.

It is NOT The Republican Party anymore: Only in "name".


The Democrats would have NEVER treated us and Ron Paul as they did.

The Democrats don't hate us: They DESPISE The Neo-Cons.

Many did not know we were and are NOT Neo-Cons. The ones who knew THE TRUTH joined us.

We - THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION were a Separate Entity - a Third Party - within The Neo-Con Party.



Have a get-together with your Democrat friends and show them this article and tell them what they did to us for working for World Peace: That is The Cornerstone of The Ron Paul R[3]VOLUTION.

Show your Democrat Family, Neighbors and Friends The Two Finest Congressmen and Statesmen - Republican Congressman Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich working together (...they always did :)



I Love All Of You With All My Heart ♥

Wisdom Strategies

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I think you give the Dem's too much credit. They haven't worked

with us so far, have they?


Wrong. Yes. Many Have Joined Us Since 2007.

Wrong. Yes. Many Have Joined Us Since 2007.

I don't know where you have been or if you are "new".

If anything it has been our lack of Wisdom that led us to put all of our eggs in one basket: The G.O.P.

We should have been working together with Independent Thinkers from BOTH Parties.

I HAVE. I have help convert many Democrats to The Ron Paul Revolution. Many College Students who voted for Obama in 2008 are now almost ALL Ron Paul Supporters. WE OWN THE UNIVERSITIES.

Your question has been answered. Who's Next?

Wisdom Strategies

I'll testify to that as a former Obama supporter.

If I'd known obama was lying about virtually every good idea he promised, I would have gladly written in Paul in 2008..

And then people wonder

why some of choose not to vote.

Cheaters never prosper - at least they won't prosepr by my voting for them.

Though I wonder if he cheated or was allowed to win the nomination. I am more inclined to believe that - the system seems quite corrupt to me.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

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Quite corrupt

"The system seems quite corrupt to me."



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Romney was promised the

Romney was promised the Nomination when he stepped aside for McCain so that there would be no chance of a open convention in 2008. Same thing that douche Santorum did.. Bet you 100.00 that if Romney loses, Santorum will get the nomination in 2016.

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Then it would be Santorum vs. Rand Paul

same scenario, different candidates. Except the Paul people have been there and done that.