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Threat of Cohesion Separation in the Ron Paul Movement

I have only been registered at the Daily Paul for three years, but I have been coming here consistently for nearly five. I have bared witness to the ups and downs of the Revolution, from the debates and fund-raisers to the elections and blackouts, with much anticipation and deep frustration and can say this movement is in a real threat of stalling...or worse. Possibly Co-opted in a fashion that none can currently fathom. At least, according to a lot of the comments and posts that are constantly submitted to this site of late.

I can still remember 2007 when the hated George Jr. was in his last year in office. We were still in the la la land of Keynesian economics where jobs were good and plenty, the masses were unaware of the Ponzi schemes pervasive in our "free market" and the electorate were voting in the exact same way for the exact same things as before, but the Internet was starting to direct the national conscience. Ron Paul, reluctant to run, was unknown to most of you and I can say with confidence a majority of you, then, didn't truly understand the situation we are all in now. Voter or not.

My Eyes Opened in August of 2007 with an interesting movie that spelled out Similar Religions, the Lies of 9/11 and a mere glimpse of our altered economic history. Though, I knew bits and pieces of our history were wrong and that the two-party system was a fallacy, I hadn't found the edges of the puzzle to see where the Frame ends. That has been the point of the last 4 years. Step Back, Find the edges and fill in the gaps. Ron Paul did that for me. I can also say for certain that, because you are reading this, he did that for you as well. With his unwavering consistency, Ron Paul has become the source that is worthy of a primer to lay the truth upon. A truth that can only lead to more truths and more sources and on and on and on, leading us to right here, right now.

Today, The Great Awakening is commencing and we poor souls are just one of many first generation seeds to be planted in this world at the earliest stages of the 21st century. Are we to continue to grow and our relevance to flourish? Thanks to Ron Paul and others, we "get" what is about to happen to us. We know it means nothing who wins the Presidential election of Two Thousand and Twelve. Be it Obama or Romney or even Santa Claus himself, no one can stop the inevitable shutdown. Our goal was not to win the election. Our goal, as it has always been, is to point the camera and conversation towards the forces that are trying to control our destinies and get people to move in one direction to stop them. What was it they wrote over 200 years ago? Don't Tread On Me?

They are treading more and more as we get bigger and bigger. But likewise the movement is bringing in more and more distorted views and objectives, deluding the Purpose and Spirit of Revolution. Alas! If only we had a Thomas Paine of our time! But that's not possible in this digital world and short attention spans, as we have become too fickle on what a true patriot is in a land of dictators.

He who stands with us now, we will stand with them and together we shall never kneel!!!

Is it really that difficult?

Put aside our petty per-conceived notions and look at the bigger puzzle. So many good actions could have been taken in this short time after the Convention to continue to have influence. More Protesting, more organizing should have happened, absent of the campaign and certainly that of the Republican Party. Yet, we were not prepared for what we all knew was going to happen at the end of August. We all knew the statues quo was going to try and stop us if we got close to the thrown, but no plan B. Big Surprise. Half of you can't accept a candidate that is on all but two ballots this year (giving our group a full scale voting block in the general) and is not a (R)ascel or a (D)evil's Advocate.

Influence is measured not on how much you gain, but on how long you last. Increase the later and you will achieve the former. If less than all can't focus on one, just one alternative in this bogus election to tip the scale the Powers That Be are holding, history will not record anything of significance about our movement. We will pass into mediocrity, like Goldwater, and our opposition will attract someone else to that label and distract the masses to vote for them, like Regan, just so our children or their children's children can do this dance all over again!

They have us right where they want us.

Divided and Conquered.

But it doesn't have to be this way. It doesn't have to be about the lesser of two (or even the lesser of three) evils. It’s about f#@king with the status quo! It’s about forcing them to take illegitimate action OUT IN THE OPEN rather then behind close doors. Evil lurks in the shadows so the victim knows not who is feeding on their souls. Force them out of their smoke filled rooms and worthless paper vaults! Support ONE Independent Candidate en mass and Stop Obama AND Romney from securing the Presidency on November 6th and we will have the high ground in sight for the first time since Andrew Jackson! No waiting 4 or 8 more years! The Peach is Plump for the Picking.

Wake up! And Declare Your Independence! Don't sit on your hands now just because this was not how it was suppose to end up in your mind. It becomes a habit and incidentally you will be slow to pick-up arms if or when it comes time.

Just vote! And know (en mass) your vote counts. It will force them to lie in the Open!

But know, also, write-ins rarely change history on the national level as they are never counted. I.M.O., the only states we, as a movement, should be writing anyone in is Maine and California (for Ron Paul). Everywhere else, decide on ONE candidate that is ACTUALLY PRINTED on your states ballot and everyone in your state Vote for THAT ONE candidate and then head over to your seat of government and WATCH them count it, while you still have that right!

Here is a Great List that Will Help.

Pass it along and figure it out!
Get over the last battles we lost and cross YOUR own Delaware River.

The Revolution Continues…

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The other side of the story.

United We stand, Divided we fall is collectivist propaganda.

Unity is a means to the goal of collectivism.

The Constitution is a means to the ends of liberty.

Make mine liberty. Unity may be an accidental byproduct but unessential.

The only General Welfare is liberty. I don't need government or any collective to help me leave people free or to defend myself from force or violence.

Thoreau disdained expediency. Government is an expediency, intended to promote liberty though an institution. Welcome to Shawshank. All right you maggots.

Is unity an expediency? Might I better choose liberty as the means to the ends of liberty.

Free includes debt-free!

Politics is the problem

That is distracting you from the only solution. The only person who can change anything is YOU! And those you come into contact with and encourage to do the same. You have the authority, until you cede it. You have rights, until you consent to give them away... Agree on principles, fight for those principles and create alliances with those who you can agree with on the important stuff that matters, and leave the rest behind. You will have to depend on each other as government fails and society disintegrates... Not politics or ANY partisan ideology can protect you from the reality of THAT!!!

You can thank...

the Gary and Rand trolls for single-handedly fracturing the movement.

I don't play, I commission the league.

I'm supporting Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Gary Johnson, and Goode

Because they all are sticking it to the status quo on the issues that matter to me. Add the Green Party candidate to the mix too with her protest at the debate.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


everybody in the world is talking about gold these days

can't in hell figure out why gary johnson isn't

after 5 years and thousands of dollars, this is the guy i am being asked to support.. jesus

When We Stop Listening to Each Other

...there will be no cohesion. There will be no movement. There will be no change. There will only be individuals looking for points of disagreement, not agreement. There will only be individuals with a hand-full of issues they are passionate about rather than a dynamic, growing group of individuals who look carefully at the underlying crumbling foundation and the real reason the Tower of Babel is coming down.

I don't have to agree with everything that Father Abraham says in order to up-vote an article by someone who thinks beyond sound-bytes and clearly states, out of frustration, what he sees, and then provides a list of people he believes represent that once great foundation. I don't have to agree that everyone on that list deserves my vote because they honestly represent a platform aimed at correcting a failing system. However, I will always up-vote a well-thought out article like this and especially since it links back to Dr. Paul's latest message.

And, yet, I can't up-vote, because my counter seems to be broken. I can only sit back and wonder why this article has (at this point in time) 8 down-votes.

Do we have no interest in listening to each other? Are we only able to comprehend when fed sound bytes and isolated issues? When we listen to the third party "historic" debate, who will go beyond listening to those who profess to believe in various Ron Paul sound bytes that drew huge applause? By what measure will we determine if we believe them.

Father Abraham obviously took a lot of time to offer this article and his take on the current situation. Agree or disagree. I am glad he took the time and I listened.


No, it's not.

No, it's not.

Southern Agrarian


There were about 20% of Pauls followers who were disaffected liberal obama voters who liked Paul vision on foreign policy and joined his campaign.
Now that he is no longer running, GJ took the libs out of the RP movement, and they followed- while the real RP Republicans went on to join and change the party.
The Libs that left RP movement will be replaced with the people who hated their presence in the mvement in the first place.
and I say good riddance.
The libs that follow GJ will never be allowed in the republican party and they will never have the power to change anything and will become the third party or go back to obama, they were never conservative nor do they understand the constitutional role of gvt..

With out realizing it, GJ has cleaned up the RP movement, drawing the libtards out- and I for one am very pleased with them leaving.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

December 23, 1776

The Crisis, Footnote 1
"The present winter is worth an age, if rightly employed; but, if lost or neglected, the whole continent will partake of the evil; and there is no punishment that man does not deserve, be he who, or what, or where he will, that may be the means of sacrificing a season so precious and useful."

Thomas Paine

(Replace word "continent" with "world")

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Campaign over, but libertarian movement now stronger

Don't worry, friend, the movement is not dying. The campaign is over so necessarily the Ron Paul project has wound down, but the libertarian movement has been greatly strengthened as a result. Pick a new movement project and get to work. When we get another major party libertariancandidate, we'll unite again under the same umbrella, you'll see.

Is the movement separating or diversifying?

Whatever it is, it is definitely NOT dying.

Diversifying tactics is not necessarily a bad thing nor is putting all our eggs in one basket necessarily a good thing.

They stopped one man. But we are not beholden to one man. We are unknown quantities. They do not know what course of action we will take, who we will support, what we will support and how we will go about it. This is good. They always ask Dr. Paul what his supporters will do next, possibly in hopes to head them off. Too their frustration he always replies that his supporters do what they wish and that he does not pretend to know what they will do nor will he attempt to decide for them. They are each their own leader.

Our means and methods are too varied for them to stop or control us. Our diversification works to our advantage. We are not some monolithic unthinking block of sheep dependent on a dear leader that can be effectively snuffed out at their whim. Ron Paul made not himself our leader, but he made ideas our leaders. Ideas are bullet proof. They are stronger than any army or any government. With them we are unstoppable. They cannot stop an idea. Each of us individuals will take these ideas and choose to act according to what we each feel, believe and think is the best course of action towards liberty.

So go ahead support whom/what you will. I have no doubt our efforts, though diverse and methods varied, will combine and continue to grow brighter and stronger and weave together into an unstoppable force for liberty. This movement is only getting started.

I too am saddened that the era of Ron Paul is coming to an end, but that does not mean that what he stood for is. That does not mean those he inspired are fading or giving up. We are only moving into the next phase and there will be some growing pains. Ron Paul was a great leader and teacher, but now the lessons are over. The test has begun. What will you do for liberty? How will you move it forward? How will you make a difference?

Do what you believe is best. Others may follow, some may not. Don't be discouraged. Refine and rework your approaches. Work with and encourage all those who share your common goals. Respectfully argue with and persuade them, lead by example, but don't waste time infighting with them or vilifying them. It is seldom constructive. We are all friends in liberty. Allow each other to make their own decisions and mistakes. Encourage those making positive efforts. Correct those in error if they are open to it, and if not ignore them and move on with your business. Don't let their errors become your distractions.

Best Formula ~

+1. you offer the best formula for a movement's (or personal) success, =
"Encourage those making positive efforts. Correct those in error if they are open to it, and if not ignore them and move on with your business. Don't let their errors become your distractions."

two to "do", and two "do not".

Well Said

I agree, putting our eggs in one basket is not a good thing, but we want to give one last kick in the nuts this election cycle, Don't we? (Assuming there will be another.) We ought to cast our votes to one candidate at the state and district levels (as oppose to one at the national level) whoever they may be. We need to play the numbers on electors in given States. Done right, we could upset the flow of their shenanigans and force an Article 17 recount (thats the the 12th amendment in the classical classification). That would be a first and a long lasting piece of history. Patience is a virtue when you perceive time on your side.


~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Utah is just one example of

Utah is just one example of how this movement is expanding, not dying.

How many 4000+ crowds does it take to change a nation?

At the End of the Day Dr. Paul is one man. George Washington didn't win the Revolutionary war on his own.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Right. He had many audiences

Right. He had many audiences of 4000 people... Like Dr. Paul.

Everyone of them.

As Ron Paul said in the speech, it wasn't 51% that won the revolutionary war. It was the 6, 7, 8% of tireless patriots that won it while a great majority was indifferent or loyal to the crown. We are they.

These crowds show our numbers will continue to grow and soon reach a tipping point.

Did you read the article all

Did you read the article all the way through?

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Remeber That Johnson Was Against The Iraq War From The Beginning

He was against the Afghanastan War after the first six months.

These are not positions he adopted retroactively to pander to the liberty movement.

Is he perfect? Far from it. Do some of his positions bother me? Yes. Do I think he really "gets" all the evil of the Fed? Not really.

But he is a good candidate, and in my view not a compromise.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard