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How to create jobs in America & make the vast majority of Americans much better off

The following is targetted at non Ron Paul supporters.
Perhaps Gary Johnson should use some of this in his campaign.
Perhaps Ron Paul should have used some of it in his.

It is targetted at ordinary Dems, GOP and Independent voters.


How to create jobs in America & make the vast majority of Americans much better off

Make business think the US government has some clue as to how to improve things and are not total idiots.

Improve business and consumer confidence.

Get government spending under control and stop the greater than $1tn p.a. of Federal government waste.

Cut the $100bn+ p.a. medicare frauds.
Cut the prices paid for drugs to big pharma.
Stop big pharma from encouraging doctors to over prescribe / mis prescribe.
Cut healthcare costs for ALL. Taxpayers, businesses, consumers.

Cut the MASSIVE military budget.
Obama is spending $1.219tn or about $12,000 per taxpayer.
Romney wants to spend $1.7tn or about $17,000 per taxpayer.
How much wealthier would you feel if you had $10,000 p.a. more in your pocket?
How much wealthier would you feel if you are a double income family and had $20,000+ p.a. extra in your pocket?

Why does the US still have over 30,000 troops in Japan and over 30,000 in Germany?
Bring them home and let them spend their cash at home.

Why does the US have over 1100 foreign military bases when it can send significant numbers of troops anywhere in the world within 36 hours?
Why is it paying rent for each base to foreign governments? How much is this costing?
As an aside to the greens, the Pentagon is by far the biggest polluter on the planet supplying all these bases and operating the wars.

DRASTICALLY CUT Federal government spending, reduce the deficit and taxes.
Cut wages by say 50% of the amount of the tax decreases.
Employment costs go down for businesses which increases competitiveness.
The standard of living for average Americans goes up - their net income has increased.
There will be MANY more jobs in America.
Welfare payments go down - there is less unemployment.
Other welfare costs would also decrease if Americans in general became wealthier.
How many millions fewer would there be on food stamps with a few years of this and the other measures outlined below?
Everyone's a winner (except the corrupt politicians and the companies that bribe them with campaign donations in order to unfairly compete.)

Stop the prison business from incarcerating 1.5 million people.
Get 1 million of those people working and spending instead.

Stop the phoney war on drugs, which costs $200bn p.a., creates more hard drug users (see Portugal) and massively increases corruption and criminality like alcohol prohibition did in the 1920's.

Stop the RACIST justice system that feeds the RACIST prison business.

Stop corporate welfare.
Let all companies compete, not just the ones the politicians choose to favor in return for campaign donations.
Reinstate the Rule of Law to large corporations. Make them pay the actual cost and more of any harm that they do.
Institute disincentives for bad behavior.
Stop the farce that allows large corporations to pay less than 10% corporation tax, whilst small businesses pay more than 30%.
Reduce the power of the big banks - make them pay for their frauds and their robosignings - reinstate the Rule of Law.
Allow ALL companies to fairly compete.

Reinstate ACCOUNTABILITY on the authorities in America.
ALL the authorities are abusing their powers, POTUS, Congress, TSA, cops on the street, NSA, DHS, FBI.
Vote the bums OUT of Congress - all 530 of them. They do not work for you - they are working for THEMSELVES.

Stop the PORK flowing out of DC - greater than $200bn p.a. STOP wasting taxpayer money on STUPID things.
Stop the legaliization of sexual groping of adults and the emotional abuse of children by the TSA.
Make BAD cops PAY. Kick them out of the force - not allow them to file charges against their victims.
Improve transparency in government, stop prosecuting whistle blowers that only seek to improve YOUR government.
Vote in a President that actually might have some ideas of how to improve things, not maintain the status quo like Obama or Romney will do.

Get the government out of the way.
MASSIVELY decrease all the stupid rules & regulations to increase business competitiveness.
(But re-instate the Rule of Law to corporations and make them PAY for any harm that they do - see above.)

Cut the ASTRONOMICAL costs of lawyers. Reform the legal & tax codes.
Cut costs for ALL.

Have an education system that works for the kids, not the government and the teacher's unions.
Let the parents in each school, decide how THEIR school should be run.
Good schools will prosper, bad schools will not - let the marker decide, not the government or the teacher's unions.
The headmaster will effectively become the CEO of his/her school, the parents the shareholders AND customers.
Allow bad teachers to be kicked out.
Allow those who are not academically gifted to learn a trade or a skill, at say 14, whatever they ARE GOOD AT. Parents will be allowed to decide THEIR school's policy on this.
Teach kids how to make a decent living, teach them critical thinking and business/ life skills. How much use have you made of your knowledge of Ox Bow lakes or quadratic equations?
Stop encouraging kids to go to college, when the jobs they end up going after do NOT need a college education.
Stop loading kids up with MASSIVE student debts, give them on the job training instead.
Train more engineers like Germany, train more scientists not media studies or social "sciences".

Why do lawyers get paid much more than teachers?
Who has the greatest potential for contributing the most benefit to society as a whole?
The system is WRONG - change it.

Measures to produce a better educated populace are the GREATEST thing a country can do to increase wealth for EVERYBODY.

Stop the project to develop the next generation fighter plane, estimated cost $1.45tn, when nobody can stop our planes now.
Knowing the arms companies and the Pentagon, eventual costs will be greater than $5tn.
Cut the deficit and taxes.

Stop the counter productive drone warfare and double tap drone strike policy.
Pakistan's Minister of the Interior recently stated "80% of those killed by drone strikes in Pakistan are innocent civilians".
Kids in Pakistan are being terrorized and have stopped going to school.
This only serves to radicalize the populations in these areas/countries and recruit more Jihadists.

How about instead of spending billions on drones and missiles p.a., you did this?
Offer subsidized US college places for the more academically gifted students from the tribal areas in Pakistan at a cost of a few million dollars p.a.
What an incentive to improve education in Pakistan and to stop teaching religious extremism in Madrassas.
How about doing the same in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Afghanistan?
That's basically what Rome did for hundreds of years to Romanize foreign territories - educate future foreign leaders in Rome.
That's what the British Empire also did for hundreds of years.

Reduce EVERYONE's heating bills by stopping subsidies to "renewables". Business costs go down too.
Everyone wins except the politicians and the solar power companies.
Obama is subsidizing solar power in places like Wisconsin and Pittsburgh. WHY? Because they are swing states.
Don't give massive amounts of taxpayer money to big oil companies like Romney/Ryan propose - $45bn. Why are doing this? People like the Koch brothers are large donors.
Allow oil companies to drill in more places or exploit more resources like fracking - but make sure they PAY an adequate amount if they harm the environment.
BP DIDN'T PAY ENOUGH for Deepwater Horizon or Alaskan pollution. Both were business decisions to cut maintenance costs knowing the penalties for any harm would be relatively minor. BP used Bain Capital as "management consultants" to make the case for cutting maintenance costs - the previous firm of management consultants didn't play ball and advised against cutting maintenance.

Stop the move to use drones for border patrol that cost more and are less efficient than light aircraft (according to border patrol agents).
Why is Obama doing this? Because drones are more profitable for arms companies than light aircraft.

Start using America's 12,000 diplomats for trade deals not foreign intervention & WAR.

Cut the tax on tips. Help the little guy who will spend it in America's economy, not the top 1%'ers who will not.

The NSA is now spying on EVERY American citizen.
NSA costs have massively increased in the last 10 years, but their budget remains classified information.
They are now building a new $2bn datacentre in Utah to hold the massive amounts of data from every email and every phone call made within or to/from America.
Social media internet traffic is also now being stored (google searches, facebook, twitter etc.)
Goodness knows how much the servers and maintenance costs will eventually be, to hold this amount of data.
No one can identify a single terror plot foiled by the measures contained within the Patriot Act.

How much would business confidence in America increase if the above measures were adopted?
How many more jobs would be created in AMERICA?
How much wealthier would average Americans be?

Neither Obama or Romney plan to do any of the above.
Why not?

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