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History: Must See... McGovern "One Bright Shining Moment"

Watching Democracy Now... Tribute to George McGovern... showing clips from "One Bright Shining Moment".

This is an important video to understand our history around the Vietnam war and George McGovern role.

(permanent Link after live show)

Shown now because McGovern is in hospice care...

This is important for us to see today so that we can work strategically end the current wars.


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Voted for McGovern

in 1972 (my first time voting - now you can downvote me for being a boomer ;-) and never
regretted it.

Was fortunate to run into him and his wife in Montana many years later and have the opportunity to tell him so.

Disagree with his positions or not, he had quite a life - and lived it honorably.


Learn from History....

I wonder why this was voted down... McGovern was speaking against the Military Industrial Complex and the Vietnam War and our oppressive Statist heavy handed government. Worth watching in relation to NDAA and other current events.

Remember: Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Here's the Direct Link now available:

As Sen. George McGovern Nears Death, How Antiwar Candidate Challenged Vietnam and Top-Down Politics

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