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Spain Seeks To Outlaw Filming Cops

Following massive protests in Spain over the last couple of months as demonstrators revolt in response to draconian austerity measures imposed by the crumbling European Union, Spain has now moved to make filming police a crime.

“The director general of police, Ignacio Cosidó, announced on Thursday that the authorities are studying the possibility that the next update to the Public Security Law could include an article prohibiting the recording, processing or circulation on the internet of police officers performing their duties, if doing so would endanger them or the operation in which they were engaged,” reports El Pais.

The law would also make it illegal for protesters to cover their faces, undoubtedly an effort to make them easier to identify. Cops who disguise their identity in full riot gear and helmets would not be held to the same standard.


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This Reminds Me...

of the quote, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable". I'm paraphrasing. Don't mistake this as an endorsement of violence. It's an endorsement of self defense and standing up for your civil liberties.

Government can do no wrong.

Government can do no wrong. That is what we are told. Government is here to help, that is what we are forced to believe.

The same people that pushed for more welfare and to rely on these 'Economic, Social, and Foreign Policy Masters' now will feel their wrath at the end of a baton because they failed to live up to expectations, imagine that.

Southern Agrarian

Govt. all over the world is corrupt

I fear once this law is implemented in Spain it's going to come to many other countries.

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