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hey Johnson, every economist that used to be an idiot is now talking about gold, why aren't you?

is your financial depth worse than a talking head at CNBC 4 years ago? even they aren't alien to gold anymore. Why the hell aren't you talking about gold standard? after 5 years of hard work, everybody is finally all talking about gold these days. Look at this interview on CNBC where even mainstream people are stunningly starting to recognize that EU will eventually come apart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ8vs1gAOZE&feature=g-u-u

every freaking body is talking about gold these days. why isn't gary johnson? this is a testament to our, PAUL PEOPLE's SOLELY, success. we need somebody with global financial knowledge at this moment to speak out, not another "well the crash was complicated there's a lot of reasons, we don't know for sure"-Libertarian Party typical financial depth. after 5 years of work, mr johnson who neither saw the housing bubble nor understand a blip on gold standard is suddenly trying to muddy up the financial depth by jacking the toilet and crapping all over the place? guy's effing clueless. get out of the scene already. now that NEO-CONS are beginning to talk about gold, years later they're gonna ask 'so where were you'? so where the fuck are you, johnson? somebody ought to look at his portfolio. if he doesn't own one piece of gold or gold mining stock, let alone physicals, he needs to be laughed right out of the door. so where are you, johnson? why aren't you talking about gold? why aren't you talking about europe? why aren't you talking about global financial system and predicting it will collapse like ron paul is predicting, at least to parrot him so it makes you look smart years down the road? what, you said you might run again in 4 years? johnsonn you clown

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