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Obamneycare - Another WIN! for the Oligarchs, by Paul Craig Roberts

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Socialism in its death throws.

Canada is into hospitals being very DANGEROUS places. There is no time to do your job; always short staffed, and short money, money, money.

Doctors and staff do not THINK any longer. There are protocol sheets, like DRUG-PHARMACEUTICAL company recipe pages? Once some one makes a diagnosis, the recipe is followed, and no one questions the diagnosis. The DRUGS in the protocol are simply given, even if they cause great harm. If you have LOW blood pressure, but the "DIAGNOSIS / PROTOCOL-SHEET" calls for HIGH blood pressure MEDS, you will be given those meds.

As time goes on the system becomes a machine that is out of control and dangerous. BUT, take heart! The pharmaceutical industry and their investors will be even more wealthy! Kills off lots of people too.