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Obama already has 1 MILLION votes in Memphis!

Early voting started Wednesday. Polling places packed every day as a euphoric "swell" rises in the Queen City.

Can Romnie keep up? No. You know thas as well as I do.

50 cities in the USA, 50 Million votes for obombya, Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Thats my guess.

Romnie is absolutely the worst possible candidate the gop could have chosen. Why?

My wife is a Registered Nurse and a remarkably smart and professional woman. She voted for Cynthia Mckinney in '08. I asked her today what she knew of the election and she replied I know Romnie has "binders full of women". She won't vote for a potus, she says.

How do you do this, as a Party?
Was this by chance or by design because this has got to be, otherwise, considered to be the most poorly calculated political risk in the history of politics.

They chose Romnie, Sanitorum, Bachmann, Cain, the Grinch, gitmo gary, et al, ad nauseum, against the WILL of the people and Dr. Ron Paul, the greatest Statesman this country has seen in 200 years.

How does that hapeen?
Why does that happen?
And now, as to add insult to injury the son says, "go along to get along"?

No Vote for my wife and I. Daughter and son-in-law aren't interested, either. They won't vote. Normally, I'd drag them out to vote so thats 4 potential votes lost to the gop.

This is happening everywhere. 1 MILLION votes for obombya ALREADY in Memphis!

Romnie can't keep up!

I won't help him. No one will. Castastrophe.

We could have had Ron Paul had the "process" been fair.

We, the people, no longer control our country.

Our country is run by the media, first of all, whose OWNERS drive the politicians (when they don't screw up on their own). These "OWNERS" coincidently, are well connected to certain militaristic countries whose leaders also "power" our politicians.

The stinking money and the tragic spoils of the Wars on humanity, terror, drugs, and misery pays well into the pockets of the corrupt oil and banking cartels. Many of our politicians have become Traitors to their Constitution.

The struggle in politics has become the fight between the Socialists (closest thing to people-driven, JFK politics as we can get) and the NeoCons (Nazis) who want to kill and destroy everything to get what they want (oil, mineral, etc.).

We, the people have been abducted and taken advantage of for 100 years. We are waking up. We are like a baby that has slept too long, we are NOT going back to sleep.

Good luck, Patriots!
We'll see how it plays out, without voting. We'll see how the October "surprise" pans out, another STOLEN election, the death of a Party, the rise of Another, the Mayan Calendar, all of it. We'll watch it play out and report it all right here, on the DP!

Prepare, people.


Ron Paul

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umm...link or evidence or its

umm...link or evidence or its a fail.

ecorob's picture

believe what you want to, bro...

tell yourself whatever you need to to help you sleep at night

its over...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Um, Memphis has a population

Um, Memphis has a population of 1.1 million... and you are saying 1 million of those already early voted ... and for Obama?

Southern Agrarian

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this also includes virtually ALL of northern mississippi...

and west memphis, arkansas

70-80% minority

EVERYONE will vote (at least 75%)

so close to a million you can smell it, you can cut it with a knife, its there!

you will see...time will tell!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.