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Pres. Campaign Contributions Refunded in Sept.: $65,205

For those interested, here's the detail as filed by the presidential campaign with the FEC on 10/18 for September's contribution refunds:

Contribution refunds:

Total contributions refunded:$307,776.

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i'm surprised

why are people so shocked that some are bitter,,,,, i myself am a bit
i still have my sign out,,, wear my hat and shirt and talk up liberty at every chance,,, i visit this site daily,,,,, but still feel a bit used and i thought i would never have that happen with our guy and his campaign

many worked so hard with their time and their money,,, to find out in the end ,,,,,, we may have been screwed all along

at the least people high up had only their interests at heart

I'm still wondering,,,, as many suggested--wait till it's over,,,no infighting,,,,,,,,when will we be told the truth,,,, what went on what happened,,, and what went wrong

seems we deserve it,,, and to gain knowledge of what not to do again

He can keep my money. I sent

He can keep my money. I sent it to him in good trust. I'm not going to pull a progressive whining fit about him not making it to the whitehouse and demand it back. I accept the responsibility of my actions of donating to a political campaign.

Southern Agrarian

Nice try but too late, infiltrator

You did not give him a penny.


How much did you donate?

Southern Agrarian

The OP may be anti-RP,

but I don't see anything wrong with putting in a request for a refunded contribution if the funds are available since he did end the campaign. Personally, I'm not requesting one but there are some pretty hefty donations on that list and I can see why someone may want some of that back if it's available.

I can't see why

Buyers remorse during an election?

Im not on the list

but I called and sent many emails to get my money back.

You Must Send a Registered Letter, RRR

Lori Pyeatt, Treasurer Ron Paul 2012
845 W. Plantation Dr.
Clute, TX 77531

No reason is needed. She will take care of it.

Calls and email will get NO results.

What is RRR?

I've never seen that acronym before.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Registered Return Receipt

would be my guess.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

Gee, all your topics have been attacks against Ron Paul

And his campaign.