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Romney losses straw poll to Ron Paul in Nevada

Ron Paul won the GOP presidential straw poll conducted by organizers at the Conservative Leadership Conference held at the Nugget Casino this weekend "by a large margin," according to an organizer.

Paul won with 33 percent, Romney came in second with 16 percent and Duncan Hunter was just behind with 15 percent. "Undecided" was fourth with 11 percent, and Thompson and Giuliani were next and ahead of the rest of the pack--all in single digits. Raw numbers haven't been provided, but there were approximately 430 registrants at the opening of the conference.

Although many of the Republican presidential teams had surrogates representing them at the conference, Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter were the only candidates to speak at the conference, and the victor himself was not there.

(Compliments of the DNC web page)


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see topic running now...with rationale

''Ron Paul Might Have a Huge Win in Nevada''

Old news?

Didn't this happen in September? I remember the papers covered it as "Romney loses Nevada straw poll".


near Nov. --indicator that Romney won't fair well.

Old news.

The date on the link says October 15th.

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Brilliant article that explains why we love Dr. Paul:

oh...here's the kicker...DNC says...

The embarrassing thing for Romney was that he attended, the conference and RP was not even there ha--yet RP beat him.

another go!

another go!