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Its time we vote for Obama so we can vote for Rand (and Ron) in 2016

I hate Obama, but I hate Romney even more. In order to ensure that we can have Rand (or Ron) run in 2016 we need to start campaigning to vote for Obama.

I know we all have our little principles and stuff, but if we want to get pragmatic and reach our ultimate goals we must defeat Romney.

It seems that the powers that be want Obama to lose this election, too. We must not allow this. Maybe we are the direct reason why they want Obama to lose so we have to wait eight years instead of four.

Guys, I know about the lesser of two evils argument, but I really think this is a whole other issue. We need to look for 2016.

Ann Romney even said if Mitt loses this election they are done with politics.

Please, guys. Romney is such a dirty rotten scumball. Obama's policies are terrible, but at least they are genuinely trying but failing.

lets reelect him and then we can make the argument you should have picked someone even more conservative than Romney in 2012 when 2016 cones around.

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I am surprised at all the down voting. This is a good idea, except for those that want to reward Mitt for screwing us and Ron over, but only in the swing states, mainly Ohio and Florida. If you are in California or Texas or any other state that will go one way or the other, vote, not for Gary Johnson, but for the Libertarian party to help them get to 5%!

In a way...

The Democratic Party would probably implode with a Democratic victory imo.

It will be a very hard juggling act.

Ie. Keeping the base fed and entertained while coping with the realities.

Waiting to see what happens in the Senate elections.


Vote Gary Johnson!

Vote Gary Johnson!

If Romney loses due to an

If Romney loses due to an unexpected number of Obama votes, any hal;f literate GOP strategist will reason that next time, they need to run someone even CLOSER to Obama politically than Romney already is (pretty hard to do, but still.)

If, OTOH, Romney loses because enough votes go to Gary Johnson, COUNTED Ron Paul writeinns and Virgil Goode, they might just recognize that they have to nominate someone like Rand, unless they want to remain perpetual losers.

Romney losing is not enough. He must also obviously lose due to not being sufficiently Rand-like.

Just because I dislike Mitt

Just because I dislike Mitt does NOT mean I like Obama... quite the opposite.

I voted for Gary and I fully expect Obama to be reelected. America will not break in half and sink into the oceans. It will remain stuck in a seemingly endless doldrums, however.

I agree.

Romney is a politician, they are beholden to the status quo.

We need a statesman.

No train to Stockholm.

Show Your TRUE Preference (re-post)

Voting is about showing your own preference, nothing more, nothing less. Any vote which is cast "strategically" in spite of your own preference is - in the truest sense of the word - a wasted vote. In "holding your nose" you waste the opportunity to express your true preference.

When nobody expresses their true preference the process gets more and more corrupted. And in any case in an election with millions of voters your vote does not make any difference anyway.

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If you are in a Romney winning state than vote Obama

Obama has my state, so I can vote Johnson. But I see your point. They are both evil, but Obama winning would help us next election. I think Obama has this one, I don't think Romney has a chance.

Edit: I think I'm going to write in Ron Paul. That would be honest.

the fix is in...the elite

the fix is in...the elite have chosen Romney. The voting software is ready to go.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I always avoid any strategy not involving my first choice

I always vote for who I consider to be the best after studying all the candidates on the ballot. This is regardless of who I believe has a chance. The same goes for voting as a strategy that would "make a way" for a favorable candidate at an earlier election in the future.

It's true I believe the Liberty Movement will thrive better under Obama who is more easily perceived as evil. Also it could be true that the Liberty Movement could falter under Romney as many will think "whew!" we finally have someone who isn't nearly as bad and they'll end up being more complacent.

However my theory is this: If everyone studied all the candidates and voted their actual conscience for whoever they thought was best then the media would have NO CONTROL over the voters.

So I'll pick the best on my state's ballot regardless of the outcome as I did in 1988 when I voted for Ron Paul.


Serious question here

What makes you think Romney is going to win? From my perspective there's a constant stream of news that makes Romney look bad:

- Tax returns
- Bain Capital
- His son invests in voting machines
- "Binders full of women"
- Constant changing of positions

It's sure hard to find Romney supporters on the internet. Of course the internet doesn't represent American voters as a whole. Looking at traditional media I see a lot more coverage in favor of Obama. The bias is even more obvious than it was with McCain last time. I think that unless there is massive electoral fraud, in which case it doesn't matter who you vote for, then Obama will win handily.

What am I missing here?

Why downvote?

Was my comment off topic? Was it rude? Why downvote me instead of replying?

what is this "We"

You do what you will, I will do what I want

Constitution Party (Re-Post)

I just got my ballot in the mail here in Oregon , and when I looked at it I was in disbelief. The Constitution Party candidate for President on the Oregon Ballot is Will Christensen! I researched and found the Constitution Party of Oregon nominated Mr. Christensen instead of Virgil Goode. Now I am not a political guru, but to me that says the Constitution Party has a lot of work in order to get themselves on the same page. I mean without solidarity nationally, they will not be a good vehicle for the Liberty Movement. If they cannot all agree on who the nominee will be on a national scale, they will never have what it takes to win. At least the Libertarian Party has solidarity. Gary Johnson is their choice this election and all state parties have agreed. If we do not find a way of banding together, the Liberty Movement will splinter for sure. This is Politics and it is never set in stone on issues. Ron Paul was the best choice, but he is not in the running now, so we need to suck it up and find a way to solidify the movement, because it is not you or I that will suffer, but the movement itself. Ron Paul is not out of the movement, but he is out of the race at this time. He is still going around doing what he does best, waking people to the destruction of our Constitution. I still stand behind Ron Paul as the Father of the R3VOLution, but I will vote for Gary Johnson on this ballot because I believe that he is the best choice for our movement at this time. This has never been about one person, it is about all of us and saving the Republic, and we need to find some type of common ground and stop the in fighting. Suck it up people.

I just received my ballot

WA state. It shows Virgil Goode for the Constitution party.

I will probably vote for Johnson, but I keep looking at that line for the write in candidate, and I just want to write in "Ron Paul."

I might just write in Ron Paul. That would be totally honest.

This is weird. When I go to

This is weird. When I go to Will Christensen's campaign sight I see he's running as the candidate for the American Independent Party, not the Constitution Party. So the Oregon branch of the CP has apparently wandered off on its own.

Voting for somebody you hate

Voting for somebody you hate because you hate his opponent even more is precisely the behavior that props up this corrupt two party duopoly.

Vote for Gary Johnson. Or Virgil Goode. Or the Green Party candidate. Whatever. Just don't vote for a Republican or a Democrat.

If writing in Ron Paul is

If writing in Ron Paul is equal to a wasted vote then wouldn't voting for any of the above be the same since they are evil?

Voting for evil is... evil

Gary Johnson vs. Goldman Sachs candidates.
The choice is clear.

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Obama NOPE

No can do. Never.

Keepin' it real.

Agreed 100%!

There isn't a reason good enough to vote for Obama. NEVER...EVER! A vote for Obama is a vote for N.D.A.A. and the like.

Presidential race is out of our hands. Stop these threads

There are more important elections going on locally that we actually have a say over.

There is very little if any good that can still be done as far as the presidential race is concerned this election. If you think there is, fine, go for it, do your thing, but please stop the grandstanding, berating, shaming, holier than thou threads that only prove divisive over an issue that we have very little if any control over now. I'm not necessarily saying this thread is one of those, but generally nearly all presidential threads turn into this kind of thread in the comment sections. It's frankly embarrassing and counter productive that this is happening on the DP. We're know better than that. Face it we lost, we we're cheated, it's sad but true and voting for anyone but the big two at this point is merely a symbolic gesture. I'm all for everyone choosing to do what they think is best but fighting over who's symbolic gesture is better seems a waste of time to me. Get over it. Make your gesture. Prepare for next time. Make sure they don't get away with what they did again. Increase our numbers and most importantly GET LOCAL!A liberty president if we ever get one will need help in congress and from local representatives.

Little difference can be made now in the presidential election, but a HUGE difference can be made in the local arena. Do you know who is running in your area? In your state? Please do not be distracted or divided. Know your candidates. Promote your candidates. If you feel like berating someone elses choice for president, stop, turn off the computer, go to the nearest busy intersection and wave a sign for your local candidate. Do anything but participate in the division taking place. From here until nov. 6 I would like to see nothing but local, state and congressional threads promoting new liberty candidates. If you do this, thank you!

Don't you get it?

By voting for Gary Johnson you are giving your vote to Obama! At least that what I keep being told. ;P

I would not be able to bring myself to vote for Hitler or Stalin. Nor will I bring myself to vote for either of the two tyrants masquerading as a "choice".

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Don't worry about the president

There are four million other govt employees who need to be sent home. Don't get detracted by this one election for one office.

(says the guy who sent all that money to the RP campaign)

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Virtue of selfishness eh?

Where were YOU on the night of January 16th? :)
Seriously though, read Anthem if you have not yet.
Thank you for reminding me of it, been trying to decide what to read.
Or re-read as the case may be.

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On page four

I'm only on the first essay in VOS. Enjoyed Anthem, but if I had to nitpick I'd say the allegory/poetic nature was a lil cloying.

I read a nice rand anthology about a decade ago which is the ayn rand lexicon. It's alphabetical by topic ( a little like liberty defined) and pulls from her philosophy catalog. Highly recommended.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

As if the presidency is the only thing we are fighting for.

The stated ends of this post don't justify the means.


Vote your conscience! Don't vote Obama or Romney!

I'm not suggesting who to

I'm not suggesting who to vote for, at all.

However, my personal opinion about this is, that I definitely would prefer a GOP controlled Congress with Obama being the President over Romney. If the Congress was controlled by the Democrats, I would prefer Romney over Obama.
But for me, that wouldn't be sufficient to give a vote for anyone of those two.

I would really appreciate if the people here stopped telling others who to vote for and going back to discuss about issues and liberty!

I agree

We should vote for Republicans in Congress and President continue to be Democrat so we can have more gridlock and wait for a Paul presidency.