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The Republican Primary Legacy: Debt Hypocrisy (Minus Ron Paul)

Fiscal conservatism was all the rage in the heated Republican presidential primary, with talk of Balanced Budget Amendments and stopping the socialist agenda of President Barack Obama that is spending our children into debt slavery. Whether or not the individuals in the race meant it was often in question, with supporters digging deep into the pasts of opposing candidates and throwing every stick, rock, and clump of dirt they could find. Whether it was old newsletters written by ghostwriters or a series of women who suddenly remembered sexual harassment encounters when the race got hot, everything seemed to be game. Yet, there was never quite the proper examination of the record that there should’ve been. But why look back? Let’s look at now.

Minus former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is still actively campaigning as he is the Republican nominee in the general election, there is a debt problem among the major candidates who were in the 2012 Republican primary, according to new FEC records.

The award for the most significant lingering campaign debt goes to former Governor Jon Huntsman at almost $5.3 million owed, with a dishonorable mention to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, with almost $5 million owed. While to be fair, many campaigns from as far back as 2000 still remain in debt to the tune of a few hundred thousand. While not excusable, it’s not unusual for politicians’ losing campaigns to remain in debt and not rush to get it paid off.

Former Senator Rick Santorum is another who is up above a million, owing just over $1 million. Representative Michele Bachmann owes $607,218, businessman Herman Cain owes $175,000, former Representative Thaddeus McCotter owes $105,636.


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