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video recommendations?

Started to break through to my very neo-con CNN watching friend and biz partner yesterday. I explained the Fed, Bretton Woods, the CIA overthrow of Iran's gov't in the 50's, the petro dollar etc.

I seem to recall seeing a pretty good vid on here not to long ago explaining all of this in the context of an attack on iran. Wondering if anybody has the link or can recommend other good vids. Something to peak his interest and get him doing a little of his own research is ideal.


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i think you mean this

Although, if they are neocons - this video may be a bit abrasive. You have to temper them. Give them a few nuggets, then time, then more info, then time. Its wise of you to let them do their own research to bring back and discuss so its not a one way deal.

I would recommend this short history of Iran/US relationship first:

here is a gripping mini-doc on Pakistan drone strikes.

It gets very sad at the end with images of the gruesome reality... words don't describe.