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Al Gore Climate Cult Psycho

Al Gore Climate Cult Psycho http://johnconner1984.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/al-gore-clima...
Al Gore posts - "An entire country plans on moving due to the climate crisis"

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what gets me is I've always been an environmentalist

but sometime in the 80s or 90s it changed from fighting against pretty obvious pollution (oil slicks, nuclear leaks, dumping chemical by products in rivers, general industrial waste) to fighting some ethereal non provable thing (breathing, using electricity.) I never did any real pollution but it seems like I'm the one being punished...meanwhile bp has carte blanche.

I wish we could pivot back to fighting pollution instead of saying EVERYTHING is pollution.

I agree that Al Gore is a

I agree that Al Gore is a total fraud, but long term climate change does exist because of the Earth's position relative to the Sun.

The main lie about global warming is that human released co2 is the main cause of the "greenhouse effect." According to their theory, the co2 forms in the atmosphere and absorbs the solar radiation and re-radiates it back at the Earth. The truth though, is that over 80% (some estimate over 95%) of these "greenhouse gases" that are supposedly the cause of the "greenhouse effect," are attributed to water vapor.

The number for co2 is far less, of which only a small fraction is human-produced.

Countries pass carbon tax laws that allow companies to buy and sell carbon credits, essentially making the whole thing a huge scam to make the rich even richer, while allowing companies to continue their pollution of rivers, oceans, and the atmosphere with other shit.


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