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Gary Johnson Would Offer Country Real Solutions

Libertarians held a standout at one of Concord’s busiest intersections on Oct. 17, raising awareness about the party’s slate of candidates on the ballot in New Hampshire: Gary Johnson, the presidential candidate, John Babiarz, the gubernatorial candidate, and Hardy Macia, the 2nd Congressional District candidate.

The activists received a number of car horn beeps and waves from commuters during the two hours they held signs at the intersection.

“We’re getting the names out there, showing people that there are third choices on the ballot,” Macia said.

Macia, who is also working as one of Johnson’s coordinators, said, disappointingly, Johnson and his solutions were missing from the most recent debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. Some of those issues, he said, included bringing the troops home from overseas, ending the bailouts, a job creation plan “that makes sense,” and tax reform. On the big things, “barring minutia,” Obama and Romney were in agreement, Macia said.

While Johnson is getting small percentages in national polls, ranging from 1 to 6 percent, when his name is included, he’s gaining bigger numbers in individual states, from 11 percent in his home state of New Mexico, 10 percent in Ohio three weeks ago, 9 percent in Nevada, and mid-to-high single digits in other states.