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What Happened To Our Republic? Nothing... It's Waiting For You To Get Involved

Let me start out by saying that in a "democracy" you vote and then consent by your vote to everything that is voted on by your "representatives."

In a republic - you are King/Queen of all you survey and are the one who gives the lawful orders to your servants.

I feel the sense of desperation. I see that we have shifted a long way away from our republic. I will say however that the republic is still there, just waiting for you to re-discover what it means to be a "republic." - It has nothing to do with "voting" for the right puppet.

You will not get a constitutionalist elected into this current facsist corptocracy/kleptocracy. Instead you need to take your proper role in the republic and do your duty as one of the free people.


Every American should read this book. (112 pgs)

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I managed to get to the end of part 1 with Carl Miller and Know your (not mine) Constitution.

I accept the Bill of Rights as matters of fact, but not The Constitution, since I know how it was a criminal act perpetrated by criminals during the fraud known as ratification.

I see a need to read all the references reported by Carl Miller, and this appears to be what I've been looking for along the lines of gaining the power to carry a firearm unmolested by the people who are hired to uphold their Constitution (which includes the Bill of Rights).

Thanks for the latest reference, and I will have to take my time on this work load.

Thanks mucho.