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Richard Gilbert Reporting Washington State is Agreeing to Count Write-In Votes for Ron Paul

At RonPaulForums:

This is in addition to a similar reported agreement with Missouri.

It would apparently mean that "undeclared" write-in candidates in WA would have their votes tallied, since presently only declared write-in candidates do:

"Write-in votes will tally for individual candidates only when the total number of write-in votes cast in a race may change the outcome of the election."

Ron Paul Write-In Votes will Count in These States: AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, MO, ME, WA


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More Richard Gilbert fraud stringing along the gullible . . .

Washington already allowed a write-in as long as the candidate fills out this form: http://www.sos.wa.gov/_assets/elections/Presidential%20Write...

Didn't Ron Paul just say that he wasn't filling out any forms? Another big win by Richard Gilbert by claiming a success by getting an agreement that the State of Washington will continue to do what they already have been doing. You might want to note this statement on page one of the document:

"RESULTS - Write-in votes are not tabulated for individual write-in candidates unless enough write-in votes are cast to potentially change the outcome of the race"

Take a look at the list of 2012 President / Vice President Write-In Candidates in Washington. Ron Paul's name is not on the list.

You will notice that "Votes for an individual write-in candidate will not be tallied by name unless the total number of write-in votes cast exceeds the votes cast for the top vote getter." Will you know how many people voted for Ron Paul or Mickey Mouse?

From the Washington Secretary of State's web page:

More nothingness from Richard Gilbert . . .

If you want to be updated on all of Richard Gilberts false claims then read this post and all of the comments: http://www.dailypaul.com/258122/is-richard-gilbert-selling-f...

Anonymous Libertarians

This is the same guy that threatened to go after

everyone on DP because a few of us were exposing who he was.

At best he's trying to use Dr.Paul's name to gain some fame and at worse, he's trying to derail this movement anyway he can. Hell maybe a little of both.

I wouldn't trust ANYTHING that has his name attached to it.

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What does Richard Gilbert have to do with this?

If Richard Gilbert is involved it makes me suspect.

This Op "Richard Gilbert confirms X.... " leads me to believe more that it's NOT true, i.e. this use of the Ricard Gilbert meme is purposefully used to get activists to believe that they dont have to pay attention because Emmanuel Goldstein, oops I mean Richard Gilbert is doing it for them.


Hey, if it's true, THAT'S GREAT, but don't believe it just because Richard Gilbert says it.


Has anyone been able to confirm this anywhere else?

I have not bound Richard Gilbert to be a very good source for much of anything.

Great news!

Thank you :)

Now I am going to write-in Ron Paul since it seems to be...

...a SUBJECTIVE OPINION as to if the write-in candidate will be counted or not.

SO...if the race is extremely close in Washington State...

And they DO count the write-in votes...

Then they will be able to see in black and white RON PAUL'S NAME and they can determnine if he changed the outcome of the race.

The sweetest revenge would be if it could be shown that Romney lost SPECIFICALLY because Ron Paul got so many votes.

Therefore, I've changed my mind and will not vote for Gary Johnson but instead will write in Ron Paul.

This actually does my heart good because that's what I wanted to do all along anyway.

This rule is quoted here from the WA State Secretary of State regarding write-in candidates:
"Write-in votes will tally for individual candidates only when the total number of write-in votes cast in a race may change the outcome of the election."

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


The sweetest revenge would be if it could be shown that Romney lost SPECIFICALLY because Ron Paul got so many votes.

This is why I have stayed away from the Gary Johnson trolls running around here. They count write ins in my state. SO OBVIOUSLY as someone who has been marching around for about 5 years now tooting the "vote for Ron Paul" horn OF COURSE I'M GOING TO WRITE HIM IN! Especially after living through that BS at the RNC.

RHODE ISLAND COUNTS WRITE IN VOTES. If any of you live in RI (or any of the states that count write-ins) and you are a regular here at the Daily Paul there is NO DECISION TO MAKE. It will be the best vote of your life. :-) seriously.

Now we're talking!

I want the nwoinfiltrates to KNOW they crossed the line. PA counts them, I am writing-in.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


bump for liberty!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

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Unfortunately, Ohio is not among the write-in states


Update: Maryland reported included now too.


"Breaking News Exclusive to Write-In Ron Paul 2012

Plaintiffs to the Write In Case have just Reached a Full Resolution with Maryland, who has represented that all Write in Votes will be counted Unconditionally.

This news is brought to you by: The Official 50 State Write-In Lawsuit -Richard Gilbert"

Release the Sandy Hook video.