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Elections: It isn't just the run for President that counts

I was shown this website tonight by another Ron Pauler who is voting for Gary Johnson, by the way. (strategically makes more sense, but I digress)

It is a website you can use, reminds me of wikipedia in a sense, to see who is running in your state for what position and what party they are running with (Libertarians are yellow, green party is green, Rep. red, so on and so forth). This is a AWESOME tool we can use to vote BETTER representatives in. Takes more than a President to change US politics.

For example, I found that Bob Corker (a neocon Rep.) is running against a Libertarian with many of Ron Paul's views. I would have never known that without this site. Completely interactive and every page is "likable" to a few social media outlets so you can share your findings with others from your state or district.


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Thank you , thank you, thank you..

I'm from PA, and ballotpedia just informed me of the scumbag "Samuel Smith", that just impeded a State congressional inquery into the past Attorney General (Tom Corbett our current governor) that let the pedophile Jerry Sandusky (PSU perp) walk during his stint as AG in our State. What a resource for local info.. UPVOTE peeps!

I AM is all that is. Everything else is malleable.

Now let's just share that

Now let's just share that link as much as possible! Glad you learned something right off the bat with this link ;)

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great resource