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Rand Paul Thwarts Rubio’s Push For NATO Expansion

Jack Hunter reported that Rand Paul thwarted Marco Rubio’s recent effort to push the administration to try to bring Georgia into NATO (via Brian Doherty). Jim Antle has more details:

"Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a fellow Tea Party triumph from last year’s election, had bipartisan support for an amendment to bring the former Soviet republic of Georgia into NATO. “It called for the President to lead a diplomatic effort to get approval of Georgia’s Membership Action Plan during the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago,” a Rubio spokesman explained in an email.

"Paul blocked the amendment. He believed that NATO expansion in this sensitive area could embroil the United States in Georgia’s conflicts with a nuclear-armed Russia, potentially risking war."

Full story: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/larison/rand-paul-thw...

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Watch this guy. Rubio is a

Watch this guy. Rubio is a thoroughbred in the neocon stable. Very dangerous SOB.

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Makes me ill that they call him "teaparty"... To me he is not.

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I remember this happening

I remember this happening last year, but it's still excellent. Thankful for Rand Paul's diligence in stop this.

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This is important...

Thanks for posting!

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