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San Francisco law enforcement test drones (video)

They began as tools in military combat. Now aerial drones are being considered by Bay Area law enforcement agencies as a cost-cutting way to replace helicopters, and use technology to fight crime and save lives.

Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern first tested one of these Unmanned Aerial Systems or UAS about a year ago. Now he’s looking into possibly bringing a drone here. His office would be the first in California to do it. Armed with live-video-feeding capabilities and different features, like infrared devices, these drones can cost in the ballpark of 50- to 100-thousand dollars or more.

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Welcome to


Someone Needs to Start

a company that makes ground to air anti-drone weapons for sale to the public! Hahaha, Maybe it's not so funny. One good thing, those stupid flying spies are noisy!


Some sort of directed EMP device would be great!


Patriot Cell #345,168
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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

"ONLY use drones during emergencies"

"as well as proactive policing measures". So, in short... They'll ONLY be used for virtually ANYTHING!

Well OK, if that's all.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Did she just say...

...that those drones- that are equivalent to hobby store RC helicopters - cost about $50-100,000 dollars each???

The price for them is so inflated that police departments have to get federal grants just buy them and they aren't exactly state of the art technology(good or bad thing?).

Obviously Military Industrial Complex at work.

So fit this problem with a free market solution

Get our own drones (the basic drone is actually pretty cheap) and drag a little piece of cable or net over theirs. When it gets caught in their blades, it breaks away from ours and falls from the sky. Bye bye drone.


Jam the frequency, or hack the controls or something. Either way, we have to face the facts that these are coming and we need to teach these people that we can outsmart every single tactic they want to use against us.

Just like we have the ability to deter sound cannons and tasers and radios and surveillance cameras with private EMP pulse equipmeent, we can stop these too.

Someone needs to ask these people if they actually represent the interests of the people or if they represent what they think are the interests of the people. ..because the two are increasingly NOT the same.

Pandoras Box

Once they approve of these it will be only a matter of time before these drones become weaponized because "they will save lives"

Drones...because they've worked out so well in the war on terror

Or as the victims would say, a dose of our own medicine.

Cut their funding

Why, when economic times are so tough for so many, are states, towns, cities and counties spending money they really shouldn't have! Obviously, we are paying too much to them in taxes! Let's cut their funding!
Seriously, attend meetings, ask for copies of budget. Write articles. They are taxing us out of existence in order to stop our existence. We pay them to take away our rights??


If that thing came in my back

If that thing came in my back yard I'd shoot it... At least they'll have some trouble before getting a new one. It will probably come out of my pocket anyway, either by suing me for shooting it down, or through tax dollars to pay for a new one.

Don't do it! The scum that

Don't do it!

The scum that launched it will just do to you what they did to McVeigh. And, just as in that instance, your neighbors will happily cheer them on as well. 100+ years of pervasive, progressive indoctrination wasn't funded by the oppressors entirely in vain, you know.

Cheaply produced, hard to track, open sourced, counterdrone-drones would be an interesting development. SF Bay is home to lots of talented engineers, after all. Some may even have enough compassion to want to help prevent a bunch of innocent Pakistani kids from getting their legs blown off. But I guess beta testing ones invention on some cop drone would be illegal. As would aiding and abetting the 4 year old enemies "our" current drone fleet is protecting "us" against. Which is why I would advice everyone to abstain from doing so. After all, it's the law! And if the law didn't trump such trivialities as civil rights and children's lives, then how the heck would our overlawyers retain their power, prestige and wealth?