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Question from a first time Oregon voter

Is Ron Paul eligible in my state for write-in? Is there a specific way I write his name, so my vote is not confused with a different Ron Paul? Thanks for the answers DP'ers!

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You can write in Ron Paul in the Great State of Oregon!
Dont let the obama/GJ liberals sway or confuse you.
They will soon be here begging you to change your vote, just simply IGNORE them.
You do not compromise and the real Paul supporters are writing RP in, when possible.



"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Yes, you can write him in. But...

If you wish to write him in, fill in the bubble and write his name above where it says "(write in)". *IF* and only if the write in bubble gets more votes than the others statewide they will count the write ins and compare them to the other votes.

I understand how it will make you feel to write him in, but I humbly suggest everyone vote for Gary Johnson if only to show unity and to get them some money for the next election.

*Edit - Ralph Hornsby do you have a link for this info?

They are saying on facebook Ron Paul votes will now be counted

in Oregon. I don't know how accurate this is. These are from plaintiffs in the write in law suit with Richard Gilbert.

"Oregon Rocks!! Tell your state to do the same!!

The State of Oregon has just reached a full settlement with Plaintiffs to the Write In Lawsuit.

Oregon has agreed to Unconditionally count and report all Write In Votes.
Ron Paul votes UNCO
NDITIONALLY ACCEPTED in Oregon!! Residents of Oregon have the great honor of being able to not only, write-in Ron Paul without any pre-filing conditions, but to have it counted and reported! - - Spread the word! - -"

From Gilbert about Maryland:

"Can you handle More Breaking News?

More Breaking News Exclusive to Write-In Ron Paul 2012

Plaintiffs to the Write In Case have just Reached a Full Resolution with Maryland who has represented that all Write in Votes will be counted Unconditionally."

Also saying Ron Paul write-ins will be counted in D.C.

Ron Paul

Cannot possibly win. Obama and Romney are two heads of the same animal. If you do not want socialism vote for Gary Johnson or polish your rifle.

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No; a write in will not count

No; a write in will not count in Oregon :(

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

Beesting is right

In Oregon, you can write in any name you want. I doubt that a write in campaign this late in the game will be anything but a vain protest.

You're Full Of It Warren !

The honest answer is "YES" a write in for Ron Paul in Oregon is a legal vote.
If you Oregonians look at page 11 of the Oregon voters pamphlet, which every Oregon registered voter should have received by now, it says:

Quote "You have the right to vote for the person you want. You can "WRITE IN" someone else's name if you don't like the choices on your ballot".

I'm going to write in Ronald Earnest Paul of Lake Jackson Texas, on my ballot so there is no mistake.

I live in southern Oregon and was elected as a PCP in my precinct in Oregon.


I am a pcp in Linn County

A write in vote for Ron Paul is a wasted vote. I have voted for the lesser of two evils all my life. Not going to happen ever again. Vote for Gary Johnson or bend over for your Bar Code you are joining socialism. I didn't know there were so many stupid ron paul backers out there. The Republican party has screwed me over more than once and I am thru with the Demopublicans. It was never supposed to be for the man but for Liberty Wake up sheep.

You can write in Mickey Mouse

Here in CA, the Sec of State will present a list of qualified (legal) write in candidates Oct 26. Only those candidates listed will be counted, the rest, like Mickey Mouse, will appear on many ballots, but they won't be counted, and no one is expecting much because it's the electoral votes that actually count.

I have seen a write-in campaign posted on DP, and I believe it said OR was a write in state, but it also said CA is, and the honest truth is, we won't know until Oct 26TH.