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The Practical Guide to Free Energy

The keys to freedom have always been self reliance and this is one of those major keys to free us from the oil cartels and banksters...

The Free energy revolution is here now and has been for a while. There are working devices out there we can replicate and make work. I have felt for some time there were working devices out there and I just need to find them as the MSM is not going to tell me about them and wallymart or the big box stores are not going to sell me one. Well here they are... this article links to another site also that really cuts through the BS!

"For some reason I have had free energy on my mind. I have dabbled in this field for many years now but not much the past few.

Let me define free energy for use in this thread so we can avoid the same tired old arguments. Free energy is energy that does no require constant payout to obtain. That doesn't mean it does not cost something to obtain a or build device that can produce it. it just means there is no continues charge for it... If you disagree with that definition great that is your right however for this thread when I refer to "free energy" that is the definition am using just so understand what I mean.

Anyway I have felt for years thee is viable free energy out there and why has it not come to market etc. Well a distant internet acquaintance has put together a website that has several viable devices out there and I had not looked at it in years but folks the free energy revolution is here and has been for several years. I had lost track of many of these and some I never checked out but there are several devices out there that can be built that do work that could power you home or at least substantially reduce your power bills...

read more here: http://becauseitstime.com/the-practical-guide-to-free-energy/

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Wow no comments? No one is

Wow no comments? No one is selling anything... ok one shameless bump for the day crowd

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Thank you and the link is

Thank you and the link is cool! There is definitely conventional tech also that can make us energy independent. We are going to have to do it ourselves though no one especially not government is going to do it for us. However our society being raised on the grid beholding to the energy cartels makes it difficult for us to kick our normalcy bias and get to work...

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

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